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Order 100 candle making wicks for as little as 14.99.

Order from the drop down menu above.

Sizes are as follows.

100 Small (44-24-18 Zinc) Burns 2 1/2 to 3 in.
100 Medium (51-32-18 Zinc) Burns 3 to 4 in.
100 Large (60-44-18 Zinc) Burns 4 to 5 in.

All the above have 20 mm tab, and are 6 1/2 in. long

100 Big Bottom Votive Wick (44-24-18 Zinc) -32 mm tab, and 3 inches long.
Fits the bottom of a metal votive cup.
Order 10 wicks from the drop down menu.

Small (44-24-18 Zinc) Burns 2 1/2 to 3 in.
Medium (51-32-18 Zinc) Burns 3 to 4 in.
Large (60-44-18 Zinc) Burns 4 to 5 in.

All the above have 20 mm tab, and are 6 1/2 in. long

10 Big Bottom Votive Wick (44-24-18 Zinc) -32 mm tab, and 3 inches long
Candle Wick

A Candle wick is the heart of a quality product, you must have good candle wick in order for the candle to burn.  There are many different
kinds of wick.  Lead wick, zinc core wick, an assortment of braided wick, speciality wicks for tea lights, and so on.

We sell the candle wick that we use in our candle making.  We have used this wick for a number of years now.

We use the zinc core wick, which allows for the wick to stand straight while the candle is cooling.  This is the easiest and safest wick to
use. We never use lead core wicks, they burns to hot for our uses and you have the lead.

The tab on the bottom stops the burning wick from falling over in the finished candle and helps keep the wick standing up when you are
making a candle.

Most people think that small, medium, and large are referring to the length of the wick.  When we say large, medium, or small wick, we are
referring to the diameter of the circle the wick will burn.

Wicks are different!  It make a difference what wick you put in your candle. It makes a big difference how many wicks you put in your
Candle wick effects everything from the size of the flame to how fast a candle will burn up!  You need your wick to burn evenly so your
candle burns smoothly, so be careful who you buy your candle wicks from.  If they are poorly made they will burn poorly.  

Ever burn a candle and get that black mushroom glob on top of it!  The wick is to large for the candle!  And boy does it smoke!

Adjust the size your wicking for the candle you are making. Your wax will have a lot to do with the burn of the candle too.

If your wax is too hard, no wick will burn right.  If the wax is to soft, the wicks won't burn right either.

You just have to know your products.

Is your candle in a crock, a jar, or a cake candle?  How many wicks are you going to need for that crock?  What size wick should I use in
my cake candle?  Well, you don't want your candle dripping all over the place, when the sides of that cake candle give way from to much

I wish I could give you the perfect answer right here and now, but I can't..........You have to test your candles!  There is no way around
it.  All I can give you is some guide lines to go by.

When I started making candles, I would cut circles out of cardboard.  I cut a few 2 and 1/2" circles, some 3 to 4" circles, and some 4 to 5"

Laid the.....O, lets say, three 2 and 1/2" circles in the bottom of a crock....  arranged like Mickey Mouse and his ears.

You know, three circles overlapping a little. If they overlapped some, and still fit in the bottom of the crock, then I most likely needed
three small wicks in that crock.

For cake candles you don't want the sides to melt at all!

This candle stands by itself and doesn't need a container, so the burning wick should leave over 1/4" to 1/2" of wax on the outer rim.     

You have to understand that is a guide, not a hard and fast rule.  Just a good place to start.   Test your candle before you make tons of
them to sell.
Let me say it again...Test your candle while you are there and watching.

Free shipping only good for wicks.  Does not apply outside the continental U.S.  Does not include Alaska or Hawaii. Shipping charges will
be applied to other items purchased.

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