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Creating Wax Dipped Scented Rag Ball.
  These delightful scented handspun rag balls are easy and fun to make.  They do not take a lot of time, money, or energy to create.  You can make ragballs in all sizes and shapes.  The different shapes add a new dimension to your primitive grubby collections
Ragballs in a mason jar
Nice old wooden display filled with rag balls
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Scented rag balls in a basket
Mini rag balls make great Christmas Tree decorations.  Use lots of glitter for razzle dazzle! Make a family memory or create a box full as Christmas Gifts.

I am not even sure you need my instructions to make these homespun creations, but here you go........

The materials you will need to make this craft are as follows:

Polyester Fiberfill or Styrofoam Balls in sizes you like
Homespun Materials, Old Flannel Shirts, or any other
materials with colors and textures that you like.
Clothespins - to hang the rag balls from to drain
Wax and Scent
Optional - old hose or knee highs

Now take your material and cut into long strips about 1/2" wide.  The width is really up to you.  But you want to take into account how large your rag ball is going to be and cut the width of the strips proportionally.  It just looks better if the strips are proportional to the size of the rag balls.  If you are not sure, just guess on the first one and you should get the hang of it.  The strips look better tattered.  So tear the strips, don't cut them.

This helps those of you who are perfectionist and want a perfect ball.  The styrofoam balls come in different sizes and are great for making these also, but they add to the cost.  It is cheaper to get old stuffed animals from the Goodwills, yard sales, or Volunteers of America for this project. 

When you have wrapped the tattered strips around the size of ball you want, leave a four or five inch strip and loop it under another strip on the ball.  This will secure the tattered rag strip and hold snugly when waxed and is useful for holding while dipping the ball.

Melt your wax at 150 degrees in a double boiler.  A double boiler is a pan of water with another pan inside.  You would place your wax in the inner pan.

Call in orders - 1-740-779-9425

Wax will catch on fire, all by itself if it gets to hot. This is called a "flash point".  Grease will do the same thing.  Just remember if wax is smoking it is to hot!!! This is usually about 300 degrees for wax. So be careful and don't burn your kitchen down!  You can't just put wax or food on a stove and walk away. Use some common sense.  I want you to have fun and be safe, not fires.
Rag Balls and other items needed for this craft.
We use a Hamilton Beach Roaster, although that company does not make their roasters for melting wax, nor do they recommend it.  BUT - I like this roaster because they last a long time - years, in fact and they have a temperature control knob on the front. The inner pan comes out and I can add water to the bottom.   They hold about 25 pounds of wax.   We find it works well for us.

You can use our pre-blended wax. This can be purchased pre scented (takes the trouble out of accurately measuring the scent and wax) or you can use our wax and add our candle scents, if you are doing a large quantity for craft shows or fairs.  This is a great do-it-yourself fund raiser too.

After the wax is melted, add your scent, if you are not using our pre-scented wax.   Hold your rag ball by the left over strip and dip into the scented wax.  It tends to want to float, so have a fork ready to hold it under the wax.  It doesn't take long for the wax to seep into the Styrofoam or fiberfill. 

Pick the rag ball up, let drain over the pan, then use the clothespin to hang the rag ball over some paper towels or another pan to finish draining.  You may sprinkle some glitter on your rag ball at this point.  This is especially pretty with a silver glitter.  You can sprinkle the rag ball with anything you want. 

Display your newest creations of primitive scented waxed dipped rag balls sprinkled with glitter glass in a vintage wooded bowl or a vintage metal strainer.

Be creative, use your imagination.  Try to create your own personal creations. 
Remember - mistakes are often give birth to new creations, new crafts, new ideas.  You need a few good mistakes to make money. 

Imagination - use it!  Like hand spun rag balls that are not round - try an oblong shape instead.
The materials you will need for the dipped ragballs - scissors, fiberfill, and strips of materials.
A big handful of fiberfill
A big fist full of the stuffing.
Beginning to wrap fiberfill with rags.
Don't want to wax dip your rag balls?

Still want it scented?

Try this - using rubber gloves take a couple cotton balls, dip in a little scent.  Don't soak the cotton balls, that may be to much scent for your finished rag ball. The scent oils may seep through the finished craft.

Place the cotton balls in the middle of your fiberfill and wrap in rags.  If you do this you will have a great scented rag ball without the wax.  But remember USE THE GLOVES - some scents are not skin friendly.  You could even use scents made for soaps, but I find they don't last as long as candle scents.  How many scented cotton balls you use depends on how big the finished rag ball is.

Imagination will help with your new craft ideas, but so will mistakes - don't be afraid to make some.

Have fun and stay safe.

Don't want to make the rag balls yourself? 

Too much time involved, too much mess, too much trouble - just to busy?

Buy ours in bulk and save.

A must for every primitive store!  Each tattered rag ball is aproximately 3" across.  They are hand wrapped to granny's tattered primitive perfection.

Candle Scent for your Rag Balls - Starting at 19.95 per pound (16oz) - popular scents like Cinnamon - Country Vanilla - Sugar Cookie.  Check it out!

Waxed Scented Rag Balls are easy, if a little messy.  Remember to cover everything with newspaper or cardboard.  That way it won't be so hard to clean up.  We like to hang our Rag Balls over a cookie sheet for easy draining.  They cool fast.  Make sure your first rag dipped project is easy to clean up and you will want to do more real soon.

These primitive waxed dipped rag balls are a snap to make and a wonderful addition to your candle store. 
Your kids are going to love this creative craft idea project. A kit free, kid friendly, making project.  A candle free making idea and project for a company located in Ohio, near Chillicothe.  Don't forget to buy your making materials from us.
Starting the wrap with the rags.
Wrapping the fiberfill with rags.
Wrapping your fiberfill with strips of homespun material.
Dipping Rag Balls in Wax
Dipping the rag ball in hot scented wax.
Ragballs with a strip left for holding onto while dipping.
Sprinkled with glitter!
Sprinkled with glitter for the holidays or other festive occasions.  Purchase your Glammor Dust
most any craft store.

Our specially blended white -colored wax works best on rag balls.  See the results for  yourself!
Finished product and a closer look at the strip left for dipping the ornies.  Cut the strip off when cooled.
Pretty rag balls and one with glitter sprinkles. 
Sprinkled with glitter!
Sprinkled with glitter for the holidays!
Here are the easy instructions.  Use these for gift giving and no one will know the difference.  Impress your relatives, friends and arch rivals at craft shows.

Now for those of you who don't want to use the stuffin above, go to Hobby Lobby or some other craft store. 

Purchase several different sized round Styrofoam balls and rap those in rag strips. 

Works the same, just don't hold as much scented wax. 

Quicker, easier and I like the look of different sized rag balls in a display.

Looks natural, homespun and primitive.
You don't even have to dip and scent these for a wonder fabulous home or gift giving decoration!
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