Choose 5 fragrances from the list below:
If you forget to add the note with paypal, don't
panic, just send an email to

Hot Baked Apple Pie
Apple Cinnamon - Apple Cider
Red Hot Cinnamon

Classic Mulberry
Yankee Type Cinnamon and Sugar Clove

French Vanilla Yankee Type
Strawberry Cream
Vanilla Hazelnut

Angel Wings
Baby Powder
Clean Cotton
Love Spell
Sex on the Beach
Side view of scented bear ready for your store's shelf.
Large 7" Wax Scented Scraggly Bear

20 to a case 300.00 plus shipping.
Packaged and ready to sit on shelf.
Shipping 24.95 (Comes in two separate boxes)

Request a shipping quote if you live in Alaska/Hawaii  
USPS is our preferred shipping carrier.
Above is the side view of approximately 9" scented bear, packaged and ready for your shelf.
This was a special order, we don't add dried apples and cinnamon sticks unless ask.

Bears are waxed and scented - your choice of up to10 scents - 2 bears per scent..

Hand-painted hangtag lets customers know what scent the bear is.
Homespun ribbon round neck - differes from bear to bear, unless you request a specific color.

Bears will be in assorted colors of off-white, tan, and brown.
Bagged, tagged, and ready to resell.

It takes a week to finish an order, plus shipping time.
We have to scent and wax the bear, hand painted the tags, and a hand can only go so fast.

If you want dried apples, tell us.

We do not put dried apples in every bagged bear - reason - some geographical areas cause the apples to mold.  This is your choice.  Tell us if you want
dried apples or not.

Made on a first come, first serve basis.

No - we cannot rush an order - it is not possible.

Samples of hang tags below.
Wax dipped bear packaged and ready for your shelf.
Handpainted hang tags were personalized to the customer's shop name.
Above were personalized tags made for a special order.

Below are samples of tags I normally paint for bears.
This bear was made special for a
customer who wanted cinnamon sticks
and apples.

Unless ask for, the bear will have a
artifically aged flower instead of apples
and cinnamon sticks.

Not everyone likes dried apples in their
bag and in some climates, they can spoil.
Teddy Bear's drenched dipped  and sprayed heavily with several wax scented coatings.

We make these adorable bears are sprayed with scented wax for you?  You can make your own at home without the big expensive
equipment, just go to our wax dipped bear page!

Our wax spray and scent dipped scented teddy bears with long golden brown primitive hair or short tan shaggy country fur are drenched in
scent and ready for giving as a gift to your friend or loved one.

Looking for ready drenched, ripe scented bears?
Add excitement to your gift basket, window display, or event with our Wax Sprayed Scent Dipped Shaggy Bears! The sweet aroma and
cute little sad bear faces will be sure to result in squeals of delight from kids of all ages, when placed in any gift basket or window display .

Some of our customers use these bears to raise funds for their organization with our Scented, Dipped in Oils, and Sprayed Shaggy Bears!
Offer wax sprayed and scent dipped bears at your next carnival, festival, or even gatherings such as school PTO meetings or church

Here is an idea - Create a gift basket with a wax and scent drenched scented bear, a candle or two, maybe a tart, and a jar of pure raw
honey! Bears, honey, and beeswax all go together and looks great.

Why do we spray our bears with hot wax?  Because it is less time consuming, we can get our product to you faster.

Beary country cute!  Fill a basket full of scented smelly teddy bears for a unique gift and watch a smile appear on their faces.

Wax dipped teddy bears will grace any room in your home and bring you a sweet aroma creating a warm welcoming feel when friends
come to call.

Each of our teddy bears is packaged in clear see through bags to assure you of a lasting scent when it arrives at your door.

Our bears are triple dipped in high quality wonderful smelling scents. We don't skimp on the scent either! The Teddy's are then picked and
groomed. Their long hair has the primitive look that is so attractive in country decor.

Just place your bear on any glass, tin plate, or even in a wooden bowl surrounded by dried flowers and you will have country lovin

What a delight these dipped critters are! Bringing a smile to all who see them. Are fuzzy little bears are sure to please the children. They are
fascinated by the bears frozen in time. We gave you the wax bear instructions, now we bring you our own uniquely made bears. These
bear air fresheners are the cutest way to drive away stale odors from your home.

Bring a splash of spring to your rooms with honeysuckle, lilac, rose, or spring rain scent. You will want a bear for each room, just imagine
walking into your kitchen in the morning to the warm scent of County Hot Cakes, or Cinnamon Toast! Walk into the bathroom and have
the clean fresh scent of Baby Powder or Victorian Vanilla! Fill a teenager's room with Cotton Candy, Bubble Gum, or Orange Dreamsicle!
Teenage girls are going to love these cuddly, fluffy, teddy bears.

No two Teddy's will look the same, each sprayed and scented bear is unique, with his or her own personality. The tilt to the chubby little
head, that little paw raised in a permanent wave hello in a happy greeting. How can you resist giving one of these cuddly, chubby scented
bears as a gift to that favorite someone?

Please don't sit scented bears on any surface that can be damaged by oils or wax. Remember this is not a toy, this is a smelly ole bear!
Do not let children play with any smelly bear.

After a few weeks you may want to refresh your bears aroma, just turn your blow dryer on high and blow dry him till the scent has
rejuvenated. If he or she gets dusty, just place your blow dryer on the cool setting and blow the dust off. These freshly scented bears will
last for months, with the right amount of loving care.

This is a great way to get that candle smell without lighting a fire in the mid summers' heat.
We keep saying are going to love what we do with wax!

Each ripe and smelly teddy bear is drenched in scented oils through out, then sprayed with wax and make's a great gift giving idea.  Who
wouldn't want a teddy bear basket for a gift?  You really are going to love are excellent workmanship.  We don't keep are creations stuck
on a shelf, loosing their aroma, till some one orders, we make each scented creation for the individual.
We are here to serve you, making your gift giving a great experience.

We give no guarantee that you will be able to resell these products, we are a buy in bulk, not a wholesale company.

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