Wax dip aroma bear
Pre scented waxes for dipping bears
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Starla's Wax Dip Bear Kit - 70.00 plus shipping
Not available at this time

Five 7" Scraggies - same as we use.
5 lbs of scented wax (5 pounds of scented wax - your choice)
If you do not select a scent, Vanilla will be created for you.
5 clear cello bags for gift wrapping - same as we use.
5 homespun strips for tying bows around their necks.

Just add your own shredded paper and perhaps a rag ball or two.  
5 fabulous handmade gift giving gifts for only 10.00 each and a little work.
Starla's Wax Dipped Bear Instructions :
How do I make wax dipped scented
bears?  So many people have ask that
question.  Here are the instructions.  
Want to see how they make the wax
dipped bear? Just follow along with us
and see how they dunk and plunk these
adorable bears for scented enjoyment.

Read the instructions below.
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7" Sitting Wax Scented Dipped Bears
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Scroll down for how to make your own
wax dipped bears.
These waxed dipped stuffed bears are a pleasure for you to make and a wonderful addition to any store, flea
market booth, or fund raising idea.

Just think of white bears with wings, nestled in a white floral arrangement, what  a great centerpiece for wedding

Your kids will even love these bears.  It's a creative craft idea project.

It is a great way for a Boy Scout, Girl Scout, 4H group, other child group, Church group, or anyone to make a
few extra dollars as a fund raiser.

www.wicks-wax-scents.com is going to show you how scented waxed teddy bears are made by most everyone.
Just follow along as these wonderful little bears come to life!

First where do they find find bears or other stuffed plush to wax? Try flea markets, yard sales, dollar stores, and
thrift stores and even sneaked into our child toy box!

These are the cheapest places to get bears. Even if the bears are a bit stained or had too much love, all the better.  

You are dipping the bear in a pan of hot wax, so little imperfections wouldn't hurt and only serve to add a shabby
chic primitive country look!

Naturally, since we were going to do a large business with bears, we do ours in a quicker way with a dip in a vat
of scent, then a heavy spray of heated blended waxes.

We found a wholesale supplier of new bears, that were the same every time for mass marketing. Still, at the time
we were a homemade crafter and the places I've mentioned was where we started.

These are the tools you can use in bear waxing - any wax will do, scent, tongs, plastic or metal forks, a cookie
rack, real cinnamon, pizza pans (no Teflon coated - wax sticks to it), tongs(the kind for taking hotdogs out of the
campfire) and the BEAR!

Jointed plush bears work the best and are the easiest to use, although we use non-jointed bears.  We have one
pictured right here.

We don't like our bears wearing clothes when finished.  We like a bare bear!  We never spray the clothes in wax,
when we started out because we had  to redress the bear when it was complete.   The bear was easier to redress
if the clothes unsnap in the back.

Just use your imagination and created a lots of looks,  find one that is right for you.  Sewed handmade clothes for
your bears, glue on buttons, trinkets, or cinnamon sticks, the possibilities are endless.

The wax we sell on line has all the ingredients needed for waxing bears.  Tthe bear won't be slumping over in the
summer’s heat and  the scent molecules will adhere to the wax.

Melt wax at 180 degrees in a double boiler - You can see candle making instructions (my personal preference is a
Hamilton Beach Roaster, although it is not intended for wax), we spray our bears with cream colored wax, but
have used brown waxes for a darker color appearance.

After your wax is melted and the scent added. When making candles, you can only use - 2 1/2 oz per 5 lb's of
wax, but for bears, you can juice it up to 4 oz of scent for 5 pounds of wax.

That is the way most people do it.  Add as much scent as the wax can possibly hold.  Some time 4 oz is too
much and we will have scent laying in bottom of the pan.  Just add a smidge more wax.

With the tongs holding the bear, lower him slowly into the wax. This is done to let the air escape and the wax
seep in. Old stitching can bust and the bear’s stuffing explode in the wax. I've seen that happen once, but it does
create a mess.   It doesn't happen to us any longer, as we spray the bears now.

When it did happend we just strain the wax with a metal strainer and removed any stuffing.

Now just lower the bear slowly. Submerged,  turn him over and over, making sure he is completely waxed
dipped.   Lifting him out of the wax using the tongs and squeeze him with another set of tongs.

One variation used, is to sprinkle the bear with real cinnamon for a grunge look. Sprinkling the bear right over the
pan of melted wax, doesn't hurt the wax a bit, but adds extra dimension and color.
Use this method and give him a second quick dunk back in the wax to seal the cinnamon in.

Now lift him up and let him drain over the pan and  squeeze him so the extra wax drains off.  Remember that the
wax is hot. There the hard part is done.

Now sit the bear on the cooling rack.  You will be moving him again shortly from the cooling rack to a flat pan.
Holding the bear with one fork, pick the fur with the other.  Picking is the key to an adorable bear.

The bear will need a flat bottom to sit on so after he drains.  Pick the bear up with the forks and move him to a
clean pizza pan.  Do a final pick of bear fur and the final bear positioning.

The bear may start to cool while picking out his fur, if white wax pieces start to form, stop picking.  Crumbled
wax pieces don't look good on the bears.  Be careful. There is amble time to pick, but there is a time window.

If the bear was picked to much use a warm hairdryer on a lower setting to remove any dandruff that was created
from picking to long.  This will produce a softer feel also.

As with other wax creations, if you mess up, just resubmerge the bear back down in the hot wax, remelt, and
start over.   Let your creation cool overnight, pack and sell the next day.

When packaging our finished bear, we use a pretty doily or other cute country cloth piece for you to sit the bear
on, when you receive the product in our poly bag.  This helps keep the bag looking crisp and clean and help our
customer protect their furniture.

Don't forget the to add your decorations - country, primitive, prissy, lacey, this part is up to you. It’s done and so
simple. The kids will love the bear fur.

I like long hair waxed dipped bears for a really primitive look, but my staff likes the shorter haired bears, both
work equally well.

We didn't stop with bears.  We tried rabbits, cats, just about any stuffed toy looks cute waxed. We love them all,
but only sell the one at this time.

The scent will last a long time, but when it does start to give out just hit it with a blow dryer for a few seconds
and that will release more scent.

Now you need to name your waxed smelly dipped bear. Scented Snuggles, Smelly Bears, Teddy Scenters, the list
could go on forever and I am sure your names are better then mine.

This fund raising idea was is a great idea

We are only responsible for our own bears and can not guarantee how your wax bear will turn out.

Wax Scented Drenched Teddies are easy for us, if a little messy.  Remember to cover everything with newspaper
or cardboard.  That way it won't be so hard to clean up.  We like to set our Teddies on cookie sheets for easy
storage, moving out of the way, ect.

We made sure our first bear project is easy to clean up.  Everyone love making projects that clean up quickly
Draining the waxed bear
Draining the bear with tongs.
Poor little bear.......
Draining Wax
Sitting the Teddy on a rack.  
This one has been sprinkled
with real cinnamon and
Pick that Teddy!
Pick the bear out with plastic
or metal forks.
Dressed and Dipped!
Above is the first bear we tried.  We have greatly improved since then.

She was pretty cute with her blue velvet dress and lace.

We found her at Goodwill and use her to experiement with.

Relax, no bears were hurt in the making of this craft!

Creative Craft humor and Ideas are fun for all.
Grunge Scented Wax Bear
Grunged cinnamon
sprinkled Teddy. How
cute is he with his sad
face.  Poor little bear
playing with his scented
But seriously, we go through all the mess and fuss.  We do it for you?

6" when sitting - Baby bears are perfect for filling gift baskets or selling outright.
You just gotta love the tiny, long hair, babies.

We scent, wax, bag, tie, and add hand made grubby scented hang tags to the finished product.
This allows you to make more money because you have more free time now that you aren't making bears.
Other pricing options available.

One to two week delivery time.  Order early, we make tons of bears and we run out quick 1-740-779-9425 -
These waxed dipped stuffed bears are a snap to make and a wonderful addition to your home.  Be sure to see our own
personal line of stuffed plush bears!

Your kids are going to love this creative craft idea project. A kit free kid friendly making project.  A candle free making idea
and project for a company located in Ohio, near Chillicothe.  Don't forget to buy your making materials from us.

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