Susie Bell's Air Fresheners

Just added to her air freshener collection are acorns, tee shirts, palm trees, dog bones, and a cross.
Make your own scented air fresheners with paper blanks.
The paper is handmade by Susie, she makes it from scratch and it does take some time to dry, be cut and ship.  Mostly it is
drying the paper that takes so much time.

No Returns on Air freshener blanks, because they are made, colored, and cut to order.

Handmade paper takes 3 WEEKS to ship  - copy and past email address

Home. Check home page for what is in-stock ready to ship.

Create Your Own Air Freshener Packages and Bags - 50's, 100's, and mix n match.
PAGE 1  
Hearts, Ovals, Flip Flops, Stars and Circles .
PAGE 3 Gingerb
read Men, Snowflakes, Snowmen, Bears, Doves and Maple Leafs.
Texas, Cowboy Boots, Horse, Leafs, Pumpkins.
PAGE 5 Mason Jars, Embossed Crow/Weeping Willow, Smiley Faces, and 8.5 X 11 Paper Sheets.
PAGE 7  
Acorn, Cross, Dog Bone, Palm Tree, Tee Shirt.

Instructions for making your own air freshener.
Customer should purchase small quantities to ensure product meets their specifications.  We do not accept returns for any
reason with air fresheners, they are made to order.  It is advisable to order one first.

It is easier for us to answer an Emails -
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Below - items are made to order.  
Will take at least two weeks before we ship.  
Paper is handmade from scratch.
100 Unscented Die Cut Shape Car Air Fresheners
100 for 54.95 Plus Shipping
100 Same Color - Do not forget to tell
us what color of Butterfly you want.  
Price 54.95 per 100
100 Assorted Colors Summer Butterfly
Shape.  Will include colors not shown

3 1/2 inches wide
3 1/4 inches high

Price 54.95 per 100
Air Freshener
Our own very popular pink ribbon.  The Awareness Ribbon is 2"wide
by 5.25" high.  Perfect for breast cancer fund raisers.  The first pink
ribbon was handed out in 1991 by the Komen Foundation in New York
City in a race for breast cancer survivors.

Pink Ribbons are the international symbol of breast cancer awareness

Pink Ribbons for only 54.95
Also available - Yellow Ribbon (not shown here) symbolises the wait for a
returning loved one.  Perfect for raising fund for oversea military men and

Lilac Ribbons (not shown here)
A pastel purple.
Large lovely Angle air freshener blanks.  Comes in Cream, Kraft, Blue, Pink
and assorted colors. Let us know.   We do not like to sell white angels for
scenting.  The scents will discolor white paper. 4" wide by 5.25" high.

Now, for our disclaimer......Just because we can make money selling these finished products, doesn't mean that
everyone can.  

*****We do not ship out of the U.S.  We do have Canadian customers with U.S. Post office boxes.  If you are outside the
U.S. arrangements can be made to contact Susie directly as she will ship to some countries.  However, she will not sell
less than 100

Warning - Fragrance scents may discolor  air freshener blanks.  White will discolor to a more yellow color.

Assorted colors means just that.  Colors may not be those pictured here

Customer should purchase small quantities to ensure product meets their specifications.  We do not accept returns for
any reason with air fresheners.