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Hearts, Ovals, Flip Flops, Stars and Circles
Butterflies, Angels, Pink / Yellow Ribbons and Pumpkins
Gingerbread Men, Snowflakes, Snowmen, Bears, and Doves.
Mason Jars, Embossed Crow/Weeping Willow, Smiley Faces, 8.5 X 11 Paper Sheets.
Acorn, Cross, Dog Bone, Palm Tree, Tee Shirt.
Instructions for making your own air freshener.
Create Your Own Package.

No Returns on Air freshener blanks, because they are cut to order. Customer should purchase small quantities to ensure product meets their specifications. It is advisable to order 'one' first from the 'In Stock Drop Down Button.'.
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Cowboy boot air freshener blank.
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Texas air freshener blank.
Available In A Variety of Different Looks and Colors

  Try regular hearts for engagement parites, and gingerbread men make nice Christmas favors.
Try Butterflies in Assorted Pastels for weddings.
Doves in Ivory Colors - Also used as Wedding Favors.    
Brown primitive bears in your country store, near the cash register ,as an impulse purchase.

Pastel Blues or Pinks for Baby Shower and Birth Announcements, scent these in baby powder or spring rain!
Primitive Hearts come in Assorted Colors of Reds, Primitive Whites, and Blues.  Great for 4th of July sales.

his is handmade paper. It take a week to make, another week to dry the paper and another week  before it can be cut. 

Don't order unless you can wait.
Cowboy boot air freshener blank.
Wild West Cowboy Boot Cut out.
3 1/4" wide by 4 1/2" high
Available in Kraft Brown

100 for 54.95
Texas air freshener blank.
Wild Texas air freshener blank, cut out.
Texas is 4 1/2 by 4 1/4.
Available in Kraft Brown
100 for 54.95
Cut out paper leafs.
Color samples of the orange and green leafs.  Other colors available.  Assortment available.
Maple Leaf Cut outs for making air fresheners.  If you are looking for a nice fall display for  your airfresheners, try these blanks in red, yellow, orange and kraft.  The fall assortment of colors is sure to brighten up any display corner. 

I would recommend placing the finished airfresheners by your cash register for that all important customer impulse buy. Arrange  real fall colored folige  underneath for a pop of eye catching color.  I love adding acorns to the arrangement.

3 1/2" wide by 4" high
Pumpkin air freshener paper blank cut outs.
Pumpkin Cut outs for making air fresheners. The fall is perfect for this air freshener cut out.  The blank sells very well in our pumpkin orange color.  Also, I would recommend a nice kraft coloring.  3 3/4" wide by 3" high

Warning: Scent will make the paper darker in color.

Available in the following colors only: Pumpkin Orange, Kraft Brown, and an assortment package (consist of 50 pumpkin orange and 50 kraft brown.
Orange/orange  Pumpkin
Color Shown Above
Air Freshener Blanks 
100 for  54.95.
Don't forget the second page with many more cut outs like the Pink and Yellow Ribbons.  

Flip Flops, Pumpkins, regular hearts, primitive hearts, butterflies and much more!

*****We do not ship out of the U.S.  We do have Canadian customers with U.S. post office boxes.  If you are outside the U.S. arrangments can be made to contact Susie directly as she will ship to some countries.  However, she will not sell less than 100.
Warning - Fragrance scents may discolor  air freshener blanks.  White will discolor to a more yellow color.
Now, for our disclaimer......Just because we can make money selling these finished products, doesn't mean that everyone can. 
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