A basket of balls.
Dipping and scenting.
Scented and Dipped Craft
Starla's Candle Making
Primitive Waxed Dipped Scented
Rag Balls and Tarts - Just like granny use to make, but with our own special twist! These
rag balls are tattered and scented.  A great primitive look for your country kitchen or
primitive store!
Wax dipped rag balls.
Country Primtive Rag Balls are drinched with scent!  Comes 6 to a pack for
16.95.  Same scent, different colors and homespuns.  Without the glitter.  Your
choice of scent.
I no longer make these
Wax Dipping
Glittered rag balls are scented then glittered.  Wonderful sparkle
for the country home holidays.  Some 6 to a pack for 16.95.  
Same scent, different colors and homespuns.  Free Shipping.
Wax dipped rag balls.
Comes 6 to a pack for 16.95. That's right, if you don't like scented stuff, try our
unscented rag balls, without the glitter.
Shipping is included
Decorative and with a delicious aroma creating just the right flavor in your favorite nook or corner  Arrange with a few vintage spools of
thread and some potpourris, these are pure country primitives.

Primitive vintage at it's very best.  Rag balls come with or without glitter.

I love a festive glitter look.  Just the right added touch of sparkle to a wooded bowl or old metal pan.  Fill a country basket or blue mason jar
with scented rag balls.  These tattered creations are sure to please.

There was a time when mom's and granny's were tearing strips of old tattered clothes, bedspreads, and left over materials into rags to make
floor rugs for warmth, dolls for their children to play with, colorful pot holders, and even blankets!

They rolled the strips into balls for easy storage, perhaps placing in woven baskets. The primitive appearance of these rag balls must have
created nice decorative touches even then.

Now you can add the very same touch of a warm country primitive to your home.  Filling a nook or cranny with sweet home baked

   Don't want them waxed?  We can do that too!  Comes scented but without being waxed.
   Don't want them scented or waxed?  We will do that too!

Each order of tattered rag balls come 6 to a pack.  Sealed in a zip lock bag for scent protection.  Homespun's will vary
in colors or shades.
You will love what we do with wax!

Make your own baskets filled with scented rag balls using our presented wax.  The ragballs are easy to make, just see our rag ball making

Drenched in scent oils, then dipped in scented wax, placed in a basket with cinnamon sticks tied in bundles with homespun ribbon and dried
apples arranged through out.
How cute is this.  Make one for yourself today using our pre scented waxes.

All you have to do is wrap a rag ball and dip in melted wax.  Make assorted sizes and stuff in an old vintage blue
mason jar or anything that strikes your decorating style.

Not a real fan of country primitive looks......how about tiger or zebra striped rag balls....use lots of glitter on pink
velvet!  Just let your imagination go wild!

Don't like rag balls, but do a bit of sewing???  Sew and stuff a few hearts, then dip them in scented wax!  
See..........the ideas are endless!!!

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