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Halloween Wax Dipped Bear
The perfect dipping bears! Add these teddy's to your boutique or gift shop. We really love the look of each and every bear here. We
have tested each one for dipping in scented wax.

Make scented dipped wax teddy bear gift baskets, lamps, sitting alone or in little groups. How cute are little chubby teddy's in gift
baskets, surrounded by wax dipped scented rag balls, some vintage spools of thread, dipped and scented baby socks, and what ever
else your imagination can come up with.

Try filling a large vintage mason jar with mini rag scented balls and baby bears that have been dipped with scented wax. Add a
homespun ribbon and you have the perfect birthday present for that special someone.

You are not going to find a better made bear for this type of craft. Sturdy threads will not bust if dipped in our waxes if kept to 150
degrees. We have long or short hared bears, chubby bears, tiny bears, primitives and antique looks.

Give each bear a unique name to call it's own. Create a little story to accompany your gift along the way. Goldylocks would be proud
to own three of these stuffed teddy bears.

These bears are already in a sitting position so you don't have to buy expensive jointed bears. We love the way these stuffed plush
animals work. You are going to love the details on these cute little chubby teddies.

So if you have been waiting for us to finally find a unique line of bears that we know are just perfect for our customers, then the time
have finally arrived. It has taken us over a year to find a product that we can put our name behind.
You are going to love all their shapes and sizes. Nothing can be as cute as a cuddly, snuggle, bear.
Dip these bears in our pre-scented waxes or use your own wax and scents.

Fury, fluffy, scraggly, golden brown, tans, white bears, cream colors, and some bears have
patches! You will find teddy bears with embroidered eyes, some with pretty little bows, smiles,
and big sad chubby faces, too. You can add your own decorations to these stuffed animals too.
Just use your imagination for that special touch of your own.
We will be adding more bears as the days go by, so look for the new additions soon.  
No matter who you are, you are going to fall in love with these adorable creations.  
Give them as gifts or make them to resell.   Bring a smile to the face of someone you
love real soon, by dipping a bear in scented wax. Frozen in time..................
   Bordeaux, Avocado & Indigo
These are 8" Sitting Teddy Bears.  I love the colors of these bears.  You don't have to dip these bears in wax if you don't want to.

Use in baskets, waxed dipped, flower arrangements, or hot glue to the base of a lamp.   Yes, that is right, hot glue to the base of an
old lamp (keep the size ratio in mind when purchasing the lamp) found at goodwills, thrift shops, yardsales, or even in your

Decoupage the base and/or stem of the lamp with cool fabrics, papers, or other imaginative decorative items...then do the same thing
to the shade.  Now add the bear with a little hot glue!

Create little mountain scenes with the fabrics and papers you are decoupaging....little homes for the bear.  There, you have a great
homemade gift that is sure to delight anyone!

This makes a great project for mom and daughter or father and son too.  Get your kid out from in front of the TV or xbox.  Spend a
little time with them.  They will be so proud of what they have made on their own....(with a little help from you, of course)
   Retail owners looking for ready dipped and scented bears?
Add excitement to your gift basket, window display, or event with our Wax Scented Dipped Shaggy Bears! The sweet aroma and cute
little sad bear faces will be sure to result in squeals of delight from kids of all ages, when placed in any gift basket or window display .

You can also raise funds for your organization with our Scented Dipped Shaggy Bears! Sell wax dipped bears at your next carnival,
festival, or even gatherings such as school PTO meetings or church get-togethers.
Candle wax used.
Our specially blended cream-colored wax
works great on stuffed plush animals.  See
the results for  yourself!
Allow 2 to 3 weeks before delivery.
The best bear scented wax to use is the
cream colored.
Pre - Scented Waxes.  Great for dipped bears and a fund raising idea!
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