Large Bears are waxed and scented - your choice of up to 5 scents.
No longer selling small bears.
Hand-painted labels for scents.

Homespun ribbon round neck - differs from bear to bear, unless you request a specific color.

Comes to you in assorted colors of off-white, tan, and brown.  Bagged, tagged, and ready to resell.
I make bears on Mon., Tues., and Thurs.  So order at least three weeks ahead of time.

We have to scent and wax the bear, hand painted the tags, cut/dry apples --- and a hand can only go so fast.

If you want dried apples, tell us.  We do not put dried apples in every bagged bear.  Apple slices may develop
mold in high humidity..

This is your choice.  Tell us if you want dried apples or not. email
Links to:
Wax Dipped Toilet
Retail Bears.
Make your own
wax dipped scented
bears with our free instructions.
Update 04-6-15
Front view of scented bear.
Choose up to 5 fragrances from the
If you forget to add the note with
paypal, don't panic, just send an email

Hot Baked Apple Pie,
Apple Cinnamon, Apple Cider

Blueberry, Coffee, Cranberry,
Cinnamon, Classic Mulberry

Christmas Memories, Clove,
French Vanilla, Primitive Pumpkin

Strawberry Cream, Angel Wings,
Vanilla  Hazelnut, Baby Powder

Clean Cotton, Honeysuckle,
Lilac, Lavender, Love Spell, and
Rain Shower

Bayberry and Pumpkin Souffle while it
20 Large Assorted Color Bears = 220.00
Can take up to ten days to create.
Except Alaska and Hawaii - Extra shipping will apply. Scroll
down page to see an unfinished bear with ruler to show size.

Small bears no longer available.
10 assorted color bears = 120.00
Can take up to ten days to create
Except Alaska and Hawaii - Extra shipping will apply. Scroll down
page to see an unfinished bear with ruler to show size.
Bear ready to sit on your store shelf.
Photos are showing how tall the bear is sitting.
Ruler and one pound can of Folgers shows how tall the
bear is.  These bears fit perfectly on the back of most
bathroom shelves, nightstands, or living room tables.  
You will need to sit the bear on a plate or something, as
it is waxed and will stain furniture. Same as any candle.
Wax Dip Scented Bear
This is the side view of bear I recently
did for a company called,
The Mustard Tin
54 Cornell Ave
Massena , NY 13662
located in the St. Lawrence Centre Mall
I answer email quicker than the phone.  -

Order with paypal and we will get your order.

Bears come bagged, tagged and ready to set on a store display shelf.  You only add pricing.
Examples of hangtags are below - I craft one hangtag for each packaged bear.  Every tag is different.
The scent of the bear may be on the front or back of the tag.
The word, "Blueberry" is an example of how the name of the scent appears on the back of the tag.  Sheep, snowmen, pear, tickytac
houses, or other paintings of my choice come on the bear package.
Remember, eye appeal is a selling point.  These little tags help to sell the product.
Pear hangtags
Sheep Hang Tag
Example of scent.
Snowmen hangtag.
email -
We give no guarantee that you will be able to resell these products, we are a buy in bulk, not a wholesale company. Aroma bears are not
dipped in scented wax, we use a machine to do the waxing and scenting.

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