Candle Making Supplies Home - Our Introduction page.

Bundt Cakes - Purchase one bunt cake in a scent of your choice.

Cake Candles -
Cake candles sold wholesale and singles

Tarts or Melts - Tiny little cute
tarts for your melters, potpourri burners and electric tart burners.

Candle Logs - Use to be burned in a fireplace, now available for burning anywhere.  Country goodness.

Apple Pies -
Handmade apple pies with hand rolled crust

Lisa's Handpainted Pottery - Lisa's has these adorable country pottery, heavy duty pottery hand painted by a local artist

Filled Crocks  - Container crocks filled with
wonderful aromatic candles.

Scented Rag Balls - Cute bits and pieces of
rags rolled into balls, then dipped in scents.

Wholesale Iced Cookies - Wax
cookies to burn in potpourri burners and electric tart burners

Bears Sold Separate  -
Scented and waxed bears sold retail

Wholesale Bears - Waxed and scented bears sold wholesale

Lisa's Yard Sale - Lisa's sale page.

Air Fresheners -
Blanks for creating your own airfresheners.

Instructions for making car airfresheners.

Scent List - Our list of scents we carry.

Starla's Scents and Descriptions - The
description of scents Starla sells

Lisa's Scents and Descriptions - The description and scents that Lisa sells

How to Use Our Scents -
About using our scents.

Containers -
Candle containers, sugar shakers, mugs and other containers.

Empty Single Crocks  - More containers

More Empty Containers - Containers and crocks.

Wholesale - Just another page.

Paraffin Wax - Straight paraffin wax for use in candle making

Unscented Candle Wax - Candle wax forsale

Pre-Scented Waxes - Waxes we pre scent for you, takes the worry out.

Candle Wicks - Wicks for candle making. Different sizes.

Wax Dyes -
Dye to make waxes different colors.

Candle Making Instructions

Troubleshooting - Solving problems you have during the candle making process.

Basic Candle Making Instructions - The basics of candle making.

Melting Wax for the Beginner - How to melt wax safely

Candle Making Techniques - Different tips for making candles.

Grunging your Candles - How to grubby up your candles

Dipping Rag Balls - How to make and dip rag balls.

Making Snowmen without Molds - How to make snowmen from wax.

Apple Pies without Molds - How to make and apple pie from wax.

Making Wax Dip Bears - How to dip bears in wax - like that's hard!

Creating Ice Cream -
How to make ice cream from wax.

Packaging with Hang Tags -
How to make name tags for your candle scents.

Fun Facts and Candle Trivia - Some
fun candle trivia.

Old Wax - New Ideas -
What to do with left over wax and candles.

Cinnamon Buns -
How to make a cinnamon bun with wax.

Christmas - Christmas Candles

Christmas Scented Candles - Candles for Christmas Gifts

Packaging and Display
Cleo's Flea Market Finds - Flea market finds in Southern
Ohio at the 23 Southbound Flea Market, hours, days,