Starla's Candle Fragrances - For use in making candles.

All of our fragrance oils are formulated for use in wax for making candles.

We do not do soaps, lotions, or have our scents formulated for anything other then candles.

Fragrances, Oils, and Scents are all the same names for candle scents.
Candle Frangrance
Our scents cost more because they are worth more.  The old saying, "you get what you pay for" is
true.  We don't water or dilute our scents in any way, like some do.
Great hot and cold throw.  What good is a candle or dipped bear if you can't smell it?

Scents, in accordance with the formulation, to use the oils in the following: potpourri, air
freshener/room sprays, incense, simmering oil burners, light bulb rings, sachets, etc.
Sold in one pound by volume/weight.
I consider these our primitive scents for use in candle making and dipping bears.
If you are a lover of primitive decor, then these scents will fit right in.

Combined shipping 2 or more bottles. Send email to  I'll send a request for
money through PayPal.   
Blooming Lilac
Sex on the Beach 15.16
Candle Use Only
Angel Wings - 14.95
Candle Use Only
Blueberry scent- 14.20
Safe for wax candles, soaps,
and skin products
Classic Mulberry
Macintosh Apple 17.38 per pound Candle Use Only
Baby Powder - 14.58  Candle use
Maple Sugar Molasses
Love Spell - 13.98
Flash Point 200 degrees Fahrenheit
Candle Use Only
Festive Apple Crisp
Clean Cotton - One pound
candle scent- 14.78
5% Soy Wax, Paraffin, Gel
Primitive Sugared Vanilla
Green Caramel Apple -
Type  – 16.98 per pound
5% Soy Wax, Paraffin, Gel
Candle Cookies
French Lilac 14.53
Safe for wax candles
Rag Balls with glitter
Vanilla Hazelnut
Sugar Cookie  17.38
5% Soy Wax, Paraffin, Gel
Harvest Time
Hot Baked Apple Pie -  15.16
5% Soy Wax, Paraffin, Gel
Spring Rain - 14.78
Safe for wax candles
Gingerbread and Molasses
Honeysuckle 14.16
Safe for wax candles
French Vanilla by Yankee Type  17.58
5% Soy Wax, Paraffin, Gel
Scented Bear
French Lavender and Honey by
BBW Type 15.38
Candle Test Result:
5% Soy Wax, Parafin, Gel

Soap Test Result: 1-10
Cold Press Soap 3%
Melt Pour Soap 3%
Water Soluble = No
Why do some scents form little crystals or become thick, almost solid?

This happens in cold temperatures.  Most shipping companies do not heat their freight, this causes some candle scents to start a
crystallizing process.   First you will see "floaters" or little crystals floating in your scent and eventually, the scent will "freeze" into solid
crystals.  Vanilla are the worst at this.  If you ever have this experience, there is an easy fix.

Put bottle in very hot water then shake, rattle, and roll until the crystals are liquid again.

Candle scents will usually only do this if they have a high quality, great cold throw, and are very strong.  The crystals will not effect your
candle making.  If you don't want to take the time to shake, rattle and roll the scent in hot water, then just measure out your desired amount
and add it to the wax.  The hot wax will melt the crystals, you will just need to stir a little longer

We look hard to find oils that smell just like the name suggest. We want the best smelling candles, so do you.  We sell the same fragrances
oils that we use.  Our candle scent is never diluted or watered down.

Can you use to much scent?  Yes! Triple scenting is a sales pitch.  Your either buy a quality fragrance with a good oil content or you don't.  
You can't add  3 time the amount of scent that wax holds, that is just sales mumbo-jumbo.

We sell the same scents that we use in making candles and bears.  Our scent is formulated for 1/2 oz per lb of wax.  That is the key - the
formulation of your scents.  They are either made strong to begin with or they are not.  Have a hot and good cold scent throw or they don't.
Fragrance scent oils are sold by weight, as all scents weigh different.  Use a scales to measure your oils.

Candle making is our only business!

We are an Ohio candle company, right in  the heart of the mid west.

Candle Scents are commonly called fragrances, oils, scents, and sometimes flavors.

Fine Quality fragrance oils for your candle making. Get the best scent throw available from Starla's Candle Making with our fragrance oils.  
Quality fragrances you will love - Free shipping.  Wonderful scent throw, you will smell the difference.
For all your candle scents, scent supplies for candles, or information on how to start see our instructions.  We think our scent supplies are
the best supplies around.

Does not apply outside the continental U.S.  Does not include Alaska or Hawaii. Shipping charges will be applied to other items purchased.

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Classic Mulberry - 13.98
5% Soy Wax, Paraffin, Gel
Cinnamon - 14.95
5% Soy Wax, Paraffin, Gel

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