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Candle Making Instructions
Troubleshooting Candle Making

Unscented Air Fresheners.

Scented bathroom tissue
Wax dipped toilet tissue
Purchase 20 Rolls for 100.00 plus 19.95 shipping
Just right for the country or primitive bathroom. 

Allow 3 weeks to make and ship.  Handmade item.

It takes time to melt the wax, dipped the tissue, let it cool, and paint the tag. 

20 rolls - select up to 5 scents or have all same scent

Cinnamon, Apple, French Vanilla, Sugar Cookie, Primitive Pumpkin, Mulberry, Apple Toffee, Baby Powder, Honeysuckle, Angel Wings, Lilac, Cotton Fresh, Rain Shower, Love Spell
Purchase 10 Rolls for 50.00 plus 19.95 shipping
Candlewic Candle and Soap Making Supplies
Hand dipped toilet tissue.
Purchase 1 Roll for 6.99 plus 5.50 shipping
Spring Floral Scents
Scrumptious Scents
Wax Dipped Scented Bathroom Tissue Roll
Wax Dipped Scented Bathroom Tissue Roll
Starla's Candle Making
Scented Wax Dipped Toilet Paper
Buy in Bulk - 20 rolls packaged and ready to set on shelf
Below is a photo of wax dipped toilet paper, packaged and ready for your shelf.
Toilet paper is waxed and scented - your choice of up to 5 scents - 2 rolls per scent..

Hand-painted hangtag lets customers know what scent each roll is - In the video, I am painting tags.  Scoll down to see samples of tags. 
Homespun ribbon round middle
It takes a week to finish an order, plus shipping time. 
We have to scent and wax the rolls, hand painted the tags, and a hand can only go so fast.

Made on a first come, first serve basis - No - we cannot rush an order - it is not possible.
Samples of hang tags below.  I do not always paint the same tag as seen here, I also do salt box houses and pears among other paintings.  Unless requested, I will paint what I like for spring, summer, winter, or fall.
Hang tag
Sheep Hang Tags
Petal Hang Tag
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