Lisa's bundt bunt cake candle
Top View of the Bunt Cake
Starla's Bundt Cake Candles

My fabulous wax faux food Bundt Cakes. Whether you choose the Country Primitive or Grubby Bunt
Cake, these 8 lb cakes are a aromatic delight, filling your home with the unusual one of a kind candle.  Each
candle is made by hand and  no two are alike.
Cinnamon or Banana Nut Bread this country primitive
scented candle.

Smothered in wax rose hips, wax pecans, real cinnamon
sticks and dried apples or dried orange slices depending
upon availability.

Orange slices were taken off the front of the bundt cake
here to show the top.
No longer available
Wax Cake
Our Country Primitive Cake Candle
Bunt Cake Candle
Apple Cinnamon Cake Candle
Sugar Cookie Cake                   Cinnamon Cake                   Country Vanilla Cake
Dark Sugar Cookie Bunt Cake
Top and Bottom View of our Grubby Bunt Cake.

Candle is wrapped and tied with a homespun bow!

A nice country primitive look for your table

This is an all wax candle.

It is recommended that you place something under the
bunt to catch wax dripping that may occure.

A quarter is propped up beside the cake side.
Top View of the Bunt Cake
Apple Cinnamon Cake Candle
Sugar Cookie Cake                   Cinnamon Cake                   Country Vanilla Cake
A mouth watering cake with a rich aroma that will have you dancing around your kitchen. Can you
handle it?

Drizzled with wax goo, covered with wax nuts and wax sprinkles.

Smells just like real bakery fresh cakes, but with this wax dessert, you won't have to mix, measure
or even stir.

Although there is no baking, you will still warm up your home with sugary goodness.  All without
the fuss.

Now, who wants cake?
If you don't like the scents listed above, we will be glad to make one of these fabulous handmade bunt cake candles in a scent of your

Just pick any scent off of any of the scent list and we will create one of these highly scented cakes for you!

Don't want any scent added at all?  We can do that too!

How about an all burgundy bunt cake smothered with wax pecans, wax rose hips, and dried apples or oranges?

White drizzled in red, chocolate, or caramel just ask.

Just email us your choice if it is different from the ones above and we will take care of it.

Country Primitive Scented Candles at a wholesale or retail are all handmade.

We think ours are the best handmade country primitive scented candles around at wholesale or retail prices, try one for yourself.

All candles on this page have free shipping included.  There is no additional charge to you.  Applies to continental U.S.A. only.

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