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Starla's Pre - Scented Waxes
Pre Scented wax is great for making waxed bears, votives, and other candles.  Scented candle waxes are great for votives, caking, pouring, grinding for sand candles, dipped bear, and all other candle uses. We over scent the wax so it is perfect when you remelt. 4oz of scent added to each five pounds of wax.  Sometimes we get to much scent in the wax.  The wax will be greasy when this happens, but works out fine on the remelt.

Unavailable till further notice.
Pre Scented Waxes
1 Slab of pre-scented wax. = 35.00
Slab approximately 5 lbs.
Shipping 11.95 in a flat rate box with delivery confirmation, including Alaska and Hawaii
Shipped U. S. Mail  
Home Baked Bread       
Classic Mulberry

New Peaches     
Vanilla Hazelnut    
Love Spell               
Primitive Pumpkin
Primitive Sugared Vanilla

Macintosh Apple                 
Strawberry Cream
Rain Fresh        
Sugar Cookie      
Sex on the Beach
Angel Wings              
Hot Baked Apple Pie       
Apple Cinnamon
Baby Powder                 

Black Cherry          
Banana Nut Bread    
Cotton Fresh


Country Home         
French Vanilla
Pumpkin Wax
Below: We occasionally make the wrong color or scent of wax for customers.  So we are offering these waxes at a discount rate.
Descriptions are below.

There is only one slab of each of these waxes.  So don't order more than what is here, I will only refund your money, not make you more discount wax.
The perfect mix of steric, vybar, and candle scent.  Heat 150 to 200 degrees.  This is a great way to pour your candles!  Just melt and pour!  Everything measured for you, everything over scented.  There is just a lot to love with a wax as good as this.

Scented candle waxes are great for votives, caking, pouring, grinding for sand candles, dipped bear, and all other candle uses. We over scent the wax so it is perfect when you remelt. 4oz of scent added to each five pounds of wax.

You only need to add the wick or dip the bear! 
We've added the right amount of candle scent to the wax, so you don't have to hassel.  All you do is melt and pour the wax.

Scents will discolor white wax a little, not much.  Colors of waxes will vary from batch to batch.

All items here are made by hand, not by machine. We do not accept returns on pre scented wax for any reason. 

Please read the policy section. Blocks of prescented wax may come to you in two or three pieces.  We do this so the wax will fix in the shipping box.

If you wish to have your pre scented wax colored, we will make waxes in the following colors: Violet Wax, Brown Wax, WedgeWood Blue, White Wax, Red Wax, Cream Wax, Burgundy Wax and Green.
I have heard, in the chat rooms, that some of you have trouble breaking up hard wax.  I just crack mine on the edge of a cement stair step.  A cinder block will do fine too.  Just use a hard tap to break the wax in the middle first, then break the halves in half.  The wax will break easily this way.  Let it use it's own weight to break, that is the key, not brut strength.

Make Your Own Wax Dipped Bears and Tarts - Buy in Smaller Quantities. We use this same wax for pillars, faux foods, cakes, votives, grubbies, grungies, and wax bears too!  We have a large selection for your needs. It's easy to make Christmas Gifts for everyone!  You don't have to be an expert just to play.   See our line of stuffed plush bears for dipping.

If you are ordering more then one slab, please call the main store for better shipping rates.  Paypal can not adjust shipping rates for different states.


We give no guarantee that you will be able to resell these products, we are a buy in bulk, not a wholesale company.

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