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Starla's Candle Making
Candle Making Instructions for creating  Ice Cream Candles with Wax
You will be able to use these instructions for other variations of candles that involve ice cream such as the Triple layer Fudge Brownie.  
Instructions or recipes for those on another day.  We use to make and sell these Triple Layer Fudge Brownies with layers of ice cream in
the middle, but, well, you just can't make every candle out there -:)  There are times when you just want to play with the wax recipes....
Playing with the wax allows you to learn new ways of working with it, gives you new ideals, and
who knows, may lead to fame and fortune......ok, not so much, but definitely you will have some

It's January and as we promised, here are the candle instructions
for making ice cream candles. (You won't believe how much this
will look like real ice-cream!)

Here are the tools you will need - an old ice cream scoop made out of metal, an old hand held
mixer, pizza pans, a kitchen knife, white hard wax, a color block of your choice, like brown for
fudge,red for strawberries, act., and
mugs, or sundae dishes.

You might want to consider looking for long necked spoons, straws, or other soda fountain like
decorations for your finished candle.

This should get you started good.  Since this is for the more advanced candle maker, I think most
of you will have the rest of the ingredients.  O, don't forget your favorite scent....vanilla, chocolate,
strawberry, peaches and cream, or any other favorite scent that you have.

These are advanced candle making instructions for making an ice cream cone, float or sundae.  You
need to know a little something about melting wax, so if this is new to you, please see our wax
melting instructions for beginners.  

As for the rest of we go.

Make sure you have every ready that you will need to use these instructions.  What are you going
to put your ice cream sundaes in?  We have use vintage ice cream dishes in the past, but today we
discovered these wonderful glasses in a waffle cone stem ware design.  Lucky for us.

Don't forget your scent, wax, hand held mixer, paint scraper, knife, wicks, and color block.

First melt your wax, we like to start with five pounds of white wax. (Beginners - see the wax
melting instructions)

Now add your two and one half ounces of scent to your roaster pan of melted wax.  (The scent is
by liquid weight).

Our roaster pan, as you can see, has been tipped on its side. This will aide in the preparation of
the ice cream wax.

We only use liquid scent and each scent weighs different so you must weigh your scent.

The reasons why are listed in the "About our Candle Scents and How to Use them" section.

Many of you have ask where I learned to make candles.

I learned to started making candles when I first discovered this book - Candle Makers Companion.

It is the best book I have ever read on making candles.  For a beginner, it is a must in my opinion.  
I just loved it.
I think you will too.

Take some of your wax in an old metal coffee pot and pour in the bottoms of your sundae dishes.

You will need to have a "base" for your ice cream scoop.   This will hold the wick in your finished
candle for one thing..

See how we have poured the wax about 1/4" from the top of the lowest point on the waffle cone?  
You will need room for the drizzles to go.

Now place your wick in the bottom of the candle.

Normally we are doing a lot of a ice cream sundaes, then we would use the J50 Astrolite wax for
the bottom of the ice cream candle and the hard paraffin wax for the top.
The reason is the j50 astrolite wax is made for containers and will not release.  We don't want our
ice cream sundaes to fall out!  The one pour wax will hold the sundae in the cone.

However, we did not use the one pour wax in these instructions for the base of the candle,
because we wanted to take the photos all at one time.   If you are making your candles for resale
on a large scale basis, I would suggest using a one pour base.

You will have to use your expertise and decide what you want to do about using the two different
waxes.....also, it will make a difference in how many containers you are doing.

If doing a lot of containers, then we would use the J50 Astrolite for the bottom of the candle.

After the wax has partially harden, in the bottom of the waffle cone, you can take the remaining
wax and start making the ice cream scoops.

Add a parfait spoon to your cone, at this point and it will pretty much stay at the depth you
desire. Remember you will be adding a couple of ice cream scoops later on and you will want the
spoon handle to show.  So plan ahead.

Making the actually ice cream scoop is the fun part of these candle making instructions.

Using your hand held mixer, mix the wax until it is white.  Letting your wax cool before starting to
mix will help.

You can not mess ice cream scoops up by letting your wax cool to much..........unless you let it get
so cool that the mixer won't move it.

Use the scraper to push the wax back down in the pan, like when you are mixing cake batter and
are using a spatula to scrap the sides......ladies, you know.

Your wax is ready when your scrapper stands straight up and doesn't fall over.

As you whip the wax, you are adding air to the mixture.  What that means is the ice cream scoop
part of the candle will burn down very quickly....this is why you need the base of the candle to be
solid.  You can't make a whole candle of scoops!
It would just burn way to fast.

Now take your ice cream scooper and make a scoop of ice cream.

..............This is a trial scoop, to see if it is ready..............

I like the scooped wax from the edges the scoops great for me. Place the scoop on a
pizza pan. Does it look like a real scoop of ice cream?  Is it hard and firm?  Does it give the
appearance of all the nooks and crannies of real ice cream that has been scooped?   If not, it needs
to be whipped more and let it harden a bit onger.

Finally the perfect scoop!  See how it looks just like real ice cream?  Just a little trial and error on
your part.

Now this part is a little harder.  Hold your wick straight up in one hand and place the scoop of ice
cream around the wick.....if you don't like what you have done, the try again.  You have time.

To the left of your screen is our finished scoops.

The fun never stops!  

Now we get to make the color for the drizzle on top the ice cream ....You may want to add some
faux food cherries or strawberries too, we did.

You could even add wax peaches or banana's.  We have done both.  I have to say, they look
fantastic when finished off this way.

We have chosen to drizzle with chocolate and top with strawberries.

See the coffee can?  We are adding brown color to the wax in the pan.  We have filled the can up
about half way full of white melted wax.  We are just going to swish the color block in the wax,
until we have the chocolate color we want.

Do the same for any color you - strawberries, peach - peaches, blue
see where we are going with this......

Now, let the chocolate wax cool down, until you can drizzle the wax on top of the cone and it
sticks on the way down.

If your wax is too hot, it will just run off the candle.

I like to use that trial ice cream scoop we placed on the pizza pan.  You can watch the drizzles run
down that trial scoop.....

Here are our finished cones!  We added some wax strawberries to make the cones look........

Excuse us a moment...........
Ice Cream Tools
Ice Cream Sundae
Pouring in Candle Scent
Pouring candle wax in sundae cups.
Liquid Wax in Dish
Placing Wick in Dish.
 Ice Cream Candle Making Mixing
Candle Making
Scooping candle wax
Lay candle wax out.
Candle in Ice Cream Scoop Shape
Two candle scoops!
Wax Mixed and Ready
Finished Product
Making color for candle.
Adding Color to Candle
Ice Cream Candle
We had to close the store and go for ice cream!  No, seriously we did.

All kidding aside, this is a fun project and a great seller at craft shows and county fairs.

Now use your imagination and you can top your finished product with tons of goodies - like chopped wax nuts and even real
sprinkles from your local grocery store.  The real sprinkles won't burn or even interfere with the candle burning.  They just sort of
sink while the candle wax is melting.

Make this candle your own....we only gave you a basic run with it!

Another variation with the different waxes is to make your drizzle with gel wax.  The advantage this wax has, for ice cream floats
and such, is that you can see through it.

Make a little home made gel wax for use in topping ice cream sundae.  You will have control of the density of the gel and that
makes your ice cream sundae look just like the real thing.

You can find the instructions on the web.  They are not that complicated and will teach the kids about science, if this is a family

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