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Make air fresheners with our paper cut.

All colors available.

Bears - Paws, Grizzly, Brown, Baby Shower,   

Birds - Chickens, Bird Houses, Doves.

Butterflies, Angels, and Pink / Yellow Ribbons.

Circles and Ovals.

Cross, Palm Tree, Tee Shirt.

Fall Leafs and Pumpkins.

Flip Flops and Smiley Faces.

Gingerbread Men, Snowflakes, Snowmen.

Primitives - Hearts, Stars, Mason Jars.

Sugar Skull.

Texas, Cowboy Boots, Indiana, Ohio, Horse.

How to make your own air fresheners.

Create Your Own Package Air Fresheners.

Customer should purchase small quantities to
ensure product meets your specifications.  We do
not accept returns for any reason.  Paper cuts are
made to order.  It is advisable to order one (1) first
to try out.

The video below is how to make wax melters look like fancy squares of a crunchy
deserts, and I need to add a few more pointers on how to create these melters.

First, it is helpful if you transfer the melts to a tray that has been sprinkled with
cinnamon while the melts are still warm.  The cinnamon will coat the bottom of the tarts,
making it easier to wrap.  Plus the dusting of cinnamon on the bottom adds a nice
finishing touch.  If you would like to, you may sprinkle some cinnamon on top. To
sprinkle or not to sprinkle is a decision only you can make.  When I shake cinnamon on
top the tart-melts, it is because of a certain look I am trying to achieve. The final result is
in your hands.  Second, wait till melts are completely cooled before you wrap.  If you do
not, it is likely the heat will cause your melt to, well, melt!  You will be left with a big lump
of wax, instead of a faux food tart-melt. Finally, my 9x16 pan takes more than two
pounds of wax to get 1/4" on the bottom.  I believe you may find this additional
information helpful

Remember, the primary customers in the scented candle market are women and where
women are concerned packaging is a key element in the decision to spend hard earned
monies.  We can all relate to having made a purchase based on packaging.  The bottom
line is, if your candle has no “eye appeal,” it will have little “buy appeal.
”  Enjoy the
Wax dipped tissue paper.
Scented bear packaged and ready for shop shelf.
A popular item is our waxed scented bears.  

The bears are popular as bridesmaids’ gifts, retail sales, and Christmas gifts.  
They are available in a variety of scents.  Familiar scents are offered such as
vanilla hazelnut, banana nut bread, blueberry and cinnamon/vanilla Yankee

Approximately 7
" Scented Waxed Bears  Video!
Scented Toilet Tissue! 20 rolls for 60.00 plus shipping - Video!

Make your own wax dipped scented bears with our free instructions.
Lisa's Christmas Iron Stars
Pre Scented Wax

Just Melt and Pour

Make your own scented & waxed
bears or other stuffed critters....
Pre Scented Waxes
Lisa's Candles. - Including:
Buy In Bulk and Retail -
Iron cross tarts, cinnamon
bun tarts, snowmen faces,
snowmen and much more.  
Fall candles, pumpkins,
leafs, and pumpkin rolls.
Three wicks.
This was my first experimental pillar candle
with 3 wicks.  I kept the wicks closer
together so the candle wouldn't "burn out"
with wax running over the sides, spilling
Grubby wax snowmen
Tip of the Moment - in response to a phone call.

When making pies without a mold, you don't want your wax to burn all the way
out.  You want to leave about 1/4" of wax crust.  Otherwise your pie is going to
melt all over your table.

Use a smaller wick.

You want the wax to pool in the middle, not burn all the way out.  This candle is
for looking at and most people will never burn it.  In fact if you are using really
good fragrance oils (candle scent) then the cold throw should be exceptional and
you won't need to burn the candle for a long time.

Also, be careful to pinch close your seams so it don't leak out the side.

Remember - This is an idea, you can take it and run with it.  Different colors,
different ways.  I've made lattice topped pies, open top pies (pictured here) and
pies completely covered with crust.  You don't have to roll your crust, pinch it,
fork it, or upward crust are artistic too.

This is just a guide to get your imaginative juices flowing.  Run with it.  Your pie
doesn't have to look  like mine.

All creations have their beauty and appeal.
Burn out.
Homemade Apple Pie
Why buy candle supplies or products made by us?

We care about our scented handmade product and are sure that you do the same.  For quality in the burn and smell of your product, see the
difference our scents make.

We have been in the retail business in Ohio for over 7 years and constantly strive for better service to our customers.

We constantly try to create new instructions for handmade creative ideas for our business and pass these ideals on to you.

We offer wholesale products that no one else has.  Why?  Because we make the product ourselves with a secret recipe that we developed.  
Our paraffin based wax can do what the other waxes can't.

Look at our handmade Scented Log Rolls, Original Apple Pies, and Tart Melts, then judge for yourselves.
These are crafted by hand.  We don't use molds, and best of all, we will give you free instructions on how we do it with step by step photo
and pictures.

You won't be disappointed in our service.  We will do our best to ship the next day on most candle making products.  Candles take a little
more time as they are made to order.

We make scented faux food handmade bakery, creates logs, cakes, cookie tarts, made from our paraffin wax (blended right here in Ohio),
scents, and instructions. All candles, scents, wicks, waxes are made in the U.S.A by Americans.

Crocks at wholesale with faux food bakery, candle making, and making candles instructions. This is an Ohio making candles store.  Making the
best in scented crocks and tarts.

We make candles with quality ingredients and supplies. We offer the following candle making supplies, wax, scent, wholesale and retail
products at The Candle Shop.  Bakery scented candles too!

Property of Angel Light Candles and Creeks Candles since 1996
Don't forget to check out our highly scented handmade primitive faux food candles.

You are going to love these speciality candles, like our best selling primitive cup cakes for 3.00 each with a bulk buy of only 6 cupcakes.

Try our best selling mini logs, topped with dried apples and cinnamon sticks for only 7.00 each in the bulk buy.

They look and smell like real foods!  You can purchase in larger bulk buys for cheaper rates.

Need Molds and faux food pieces, or just want to know how to make your own molds?  Searching for wax embeds?

Or just want to top your candles with wax pecans, wax apple slices or peach pieces?  Remember we sell what we use.

Searching for some really cheap candle wax, great for fire starters or what ever else you can come up with?

We have that too, it's Tony the Tiger GREAT! For making fire starters.

Need candle wax, wicks,  for dipping your own bears or making your own candles?  Searching for the original color wax dye blocks?

Our wax is made by us!  We wanted a special blend of wax made the old fashion way like they use to do 50 or so years ago, when you could
actually mold, form, and create a candle that was all yours.

Remember the Bees Wax Craze of the 1970's?  You can use our beeswax for making natural candles, just like in the old days.

The special thing about our wax is it has unique properties which allow you to roll, hand mold, and basically use it as an art form.

I have tried other waxes and they just break apart when you try to roll a cinnamon bun, or hand rolled a pie crust.  This wax works wonders.  
I think the scent throw is like it use to be years ago.

An Ohio candle making company supplying candle supplies, free candle making instructions, pre-scented wax, and liquid scent.

You will love what you can make with our candle scents, wax, wicks, and other candle supplies. We offer free instructions and free shipping on
most products!  Remember to find our Candle Troubleshooting, Wax Dipped Bears Smelly Scented Bears, Candle Making Instructions, and
handmade primitive scented candles.

We have both wholesale or retail candles and supplies.

For your candle making ingredients try a company actually using their own products.  We make candles and wax bears for a living. We only
sell what we use in making our own candles or bears.

Best of all, we will show you how to make the same scented primitive candles on line, that we do! We make the best candles they say.....

Don't want to fuss?  We'll do the fussing for you.

You will love what we make with our fine scent and wax. Plus the free instructions. !Best of all, we will tell you how to make the same on line
candles that we do with our quality candle supplies, scents, and instructions.

You will find every supply here you need for your candle making needs, from making candles to dipping bears.

Please contact us by email.  If you need our phone number, request it by email.  
PayPal on line.
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Property of Starla's Candle Making since 1996