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Welcome, my name is Cleo. I would like to show you a booth full of flea market finds in Piketon, Ohio.
(I've been told it's not mine, but humans, hey, what do they know). Those crazy humans cater to my
needs, bringing me offerings of food and the like. Heck, there's not a carry in dinner that I have ever been
denied a plate and "wolf" those great belly rubs, so, yea.......... it's all mine........even the humans.
Occasionally I treat them to a paw shake or when I feel the mood coming on, I roll over. What really gets
them cooing over me are the eye wipes. Nothing cuter then wiping my eye with a paw to get those
humans to do what ever I want. Just goes to prove who has who over the dog biscuit!
Here is my counter,  I lay here most of the day when my humans are shopping, it's where the action is.
So come join me for a crazy day at the 23 Southbound Flea Market on 23 South in Southern Ohio. It's
right below Piketon, Ohio just about 10 miles north of Portsmouth. Ohio. Those big red buildings, air
conditioned, a great food court (I know the ice cream is delicious...hee, hee, hee) There's over 500
dealers. Lots of inexpensive, vintage or collectible items for next to nothing. Just look!
Take your time, they are open from 9a.m. till 5p.m. Saturdays and Sundays all year long.
Welcome to my Flea Market
Vintage Lights
Vintage, Primitive Junk and Candles
Vintage Pinks
Cake Candles
Vintage Hutch
Vintage Shoes
Vintage Cat n the Hat
Vintage Items
Vintage Clothes
Well, that is just a few photos of the booths, and just think, there are hundreds of flea market booths .  Just imagine what I will
dig up in the future.  I've already been shopping and it's all for you....of, course I do expect some little reward.
  Ok, ya can go back to your candle making now, I need a nap!
Here is something new.....The girl beside me just inherited her aunts household contents.  Her aunt was 92 and an avid
collector for years.  The antique dealers are swarming her booth at 8 am on Saturday mornings!  The place don't open till
9am!   If you like vintage stuff you should really, seriously, visit this girl's booth.  She told me she wouldn't have to go to an
auction for a year, she has so much.  I went to look at the stuff today.....My mom sorta went crazy, but I stayed cool..........Go
figure! She sells the stuff really cheap too!
Vintage Coffee Lamp
Found Dog
Vintage Chick's Store @
Vintage and collectible area finds are offered.  We offer vintage clothing, kitchen
collectibles, and other retro items for your collection or use.
On a side note, someone dropped off this dog to my mom, on 9-04-05.

It is cute, but I don't like to share everything.  This male dog is white with sorta brown spots, tiny, young, has been
spayed, and moves very fast.

You tell us where you lost it and we will go from there.  Also, will need the name and address of the vet where he was
spayed.....just so we can check and make sure no "evil" people get this little dog.

I hope he finds his mom.

Ps, he never did find his real mommy, but a new mommy came along.  The new mommy has a little boy and the two of
them play together all the time.  Little dog calls himself "Spud" now.  A little "tough" guy.  Funny how one mom looses us
and another one finds us.  Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy deep inside.  Excuse me, I have to go give some kisses.

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