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Glassburn's Pottery in Chillicothe, Ohio
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It is with much regret that I tell you, both Mr. and Mrs. Glassburn have passed away and their store is
no longer open.  Their shop was one of the last great roadside stores from the 1950's.  They survived
large retail chains such as Walmart, KMart, and the internet. They were much loved and will be much
I like finding places that will help you sell, make, or package your products and allow you to
make money.  So with that in mind, I think it is about time we tell you about
Pottery and Gifts in Chillicothe, Ohio

I remember going there when I was a very small child with my parents.  My parents owned a
truck stop and gift shop.  They went to Glassburns on a regular basis to stock their gift shop

So it was a natural thing for me to go there when I started making candles.  They have a wide
variety of pottery for pouring candles in.  If you are close, I would suggest you take the time to
ride on over and visit.  You can call first and see if there is something in particular you want.

After a visit to Glassburns, it is about 20 minutes more to Lisa's shop.

I've taken the time to grab a few photos of Glassburns today.  See if there is anything you like.

Glassburn's Pottery and Gifts - Closed due to the passing of time.
Retail and Wholesale Pottery and Glass
11437 County Road 550
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601
Exit 550 - Pleasant Valley on U.S. 35 West

"We Feature Everyday Warehouse Prices"
Open 7 Days a Week
8:30 to 5:00 pm.
Phone: (740) 775-4274

No, they didn't pay me to say this or put their information on my site.  I just like them and
wanted to do it.  They have been there over 50 years (way before I was My parents
always said they were honest, hardworking people.

No, they don't ship and they don't have a computer in their shop.  They have no interest in
computers or shipping.  If you want to buy their pottery or glass, you will have to drive.
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Christmas Scented Candles.
Glassburn's Pottery in Chillicothe, Ohio
This is some of the potter, mugs,
crocks, potpourri burners and other
souvenirs they have.
Glassburns Candle Containers
They have a ton more good junk, as I call it.  Mostly for gift shops, truck stops, flea markets,
flower shops and the like.  A good candle maker will find a lot to work with here.  I use the
red clay pottery bottoms to make our apple pies in.  Just give a good coat of sealer and you are
good make your candle pie.

Here are some photos of other things they have.  You will feel like you have stepped back in
time, when you enter the shop.  Well, you will see what I mean when you get there.
Wind Catchers
Glassburn's carries Fenton
Chicken Pottery
Fenton at Glassburns
Trinkets for Truck Stops
Glassburn's Chillicothe Ohio
Blue Sponge pottery with single
heart.  Size 3 3/8" by 3 3/8"
Price 1.45  each.

The larger ones were 1.85.
Green Sponge with single apple.  
Size 3 3/8" by 3 3/8"
Price 1.45 each.
I love, Love, LOVE the idea of a candle in the Sugar Jar.  It is so primitive, you can do a hundred looks - layer of
wax, layer of crumbles............I just love these.
The customer can smell the candle aroma through the holes in the top, so they won't tear your packaging trying to smell
the candle.
They are retro, vintage country with a primitive flare.
They are safe enough for dishwasher heat and will hold a burning candle as the glass is thick.
Just think how cute they would be in a kitchen with a cinnamon bun scented candle.
Different candle colors and looks will only enhance the look!
Cost 1.99 each!  That is a really good price for a candle container.
Remember, when it comes to packaging .... you need to use your imagination.  A little round label on the bottom using
the Avery program and you are ready for a craft show. - located in Chillicothe, Ohio.

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