Purple frothing wax Wax dye for your color preferences The color blue, use more.
Color your waxes
Pink dye, use just a little.
The color green
Starla's Candle Making

Wax dye - The only dye you should be using in wax is a dye that is made for wax.
  Color Block made just for wax will give you the dye that you want for your wax.  From pale yellows to deep red reds.   Just buy one of our color blocks, let it melt with the wax, stir well, and that is all there is to it! Use a little swirl for a light pastel color or use a lot for deeper shades.  Mix these color blocks to make the color you want.  Just use your color wheel.   Each block will do up to 30 lbs of wax for pastel colors.
If you want to grunge with a darker shade of the color, I use 1 1/2 color block for the dark grunge look on the candle making instructions page. Wax dye is easy to use and will give you colors of your choice.
Remember color block will affect the way your candle burns.  Adjust wicks accordingly.

Colors available are:
Violet, Royal Blue, Orange, Wedgewood Blue, Brown, Black, Lime, Kelly Green, Red, Burgundy, Ivory, Artic Blue, White, Cream, and Pink
Candle color block.
Color Dye Blocks- Single Blocks at 5.00 each.
Free Shipping

Please email your color selections or add a note to paypal when you pay.

Starla's paypal button and color blocks here.
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Christmas Scented Candles.
Color Dye Blocks- 25  @ 2.00 each = 50.00
Shipping is free.
Starla's paypal button and color blocks here.

Just Email you color choices after Purchase, if you do not wish to add the choices to the note.  Can Mix or Match colors if you like.

When no color choices are not emailed to us, assorted colors will be shipped.

Free shipping only good for color dye blocks.  Does not apply outside the continental U.S.  Does not include Alaska or Hawaii. Shipping charges will be applied to other items purchased.
Dye Blocks
We are just 3 ladies who wanted to say home with out families.  This isn't a large store, but if you want to come and visit you are welcome to.  Lisa loves to have customers in her store.
1-(740)-779-9425 Chillicothe, Ohio

We have everything you will need to start making your own candles and wax dip your own bears.
We started making candles in our garage and branched out from there.  We knew nothing about computers when we started, now we have our own web site.

You just have to stick with something, use your imagination, believe in yourself, don't be afraid to fail, learn to change and adapt with the rest of the business world and always try to learn something new every day.

Make Your Own Candles - Buy in Smaller Quantities.   We have a large selection for your needs. It's easy to make Christmas Gifts for everyone!  You don't have to be an expert just to play.

www.wicks-wax-scents.com is an all-in-one discount candle making supply wholesale store located in Chillicothe, Ohio.  We sell candle scents, wicks, wax, crocks, molds, custom-designed candles. Please call our store Monday through Friday Noon to Five PM EST and place your order over the phone for pick up or pay with PayPal for shipping!  Candle wax candle wax, candle making supplies, candle, candles, wicks, and bee wax, fast shipping quality products www.wicks-wax-scents.com.

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