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Christmas Scented Candles.

See my collection of tools, below?  This is what I use to make cinnamon buns.
Starla's instructions for making a cinnamon bun without using a mold.  You roll the bun yourself, saving the cost of expensive molds. 
Starla's Cinnamon Bun Kit - Not available till further notice
Raw materials needed for creating cinnamon buns.
Kit includes:
5 pounds of Cinnamon Bun Scented White wax
24 wicks
Real cinnamon for sprinkling over buns.
Only 39.00
Shipping in a flat rate box for 10.45 to anywhere
this includes Alaska and Hawaii.

You will need to provide -  9" x 16" pizza pan, paint scraper, a pair of scissors and a kitchen bread knife.
Here are the basic candle making instructions I have used to make the cinnamon rolls. 

One 5 lb. block of white wax, 2oz of scent, one kitchen bread knife, six small wicks, a paint scraper, regular cinnamon, and a pair of scissors to cut the wicks with. (This will make 6 cinnamon rolls with enough left over wax to top the buns, but do remember to save it.) 

O, my gosh, yes, the pan.  I used a 9" by 16"  pizza pan. I have tried smaller diameter pans and the rolls just don't come out as big and fat.  So, if making smaller buns, use a smaller pan.

Make sure the pan does not have a Teflon or another coating. Wax sticks to Teflon. 

Gather all your tools and we are ready to start candle making.  Ok..........LET"S ROLL!

First sprinkle your pan with a generous coating of cinnamon.
Melt a slab of our white wax.  I have found that this specially blended wax works best for faux food candles. 

This wax seems to stay warm longer.  Cooling to quickly is not what is wanted here.  You want this wax to be like play dough when it is halfway cooled in order to have time to work with it.

After the wax is melted, add the scent and pour mixture into the cinnamon sprinkled pan.  Sprinkle more cinnamon if needed.  

How deep you pour the wax will depend on how big you want the cinnamon bun to be.  I always kept it about 1/4" from the top.  It just didn't cool right if I poured it all the way to the top.

Now just sit back and let it cool.  It does take some time for the pan to cool.  I can't give you the exact time, since this will depend on the room temperature, as well as the temperature of your wax when poured. 

Air temperature is very important in candle making.    Just relax a good 10 minutes at the very least.
Candle making instructions for a homemade candle don't get any easier then the cinnamon bun.  It is one of the first faux food candles I learned to make.  If you can master this you can make any candle out there.  We use our own specially blended hard wax for making this bun, so we can't say how another wax will work

We are going to show you how easy candle making can be.  You can make a few cinnamon rolls for gifts or just because...... We make cinnamon rolls a little differently, because of the large candle  quantities we make, but for a few at home treats this candle making project is easy.  You can make cinnamon candle rolls at home just like this.   When we started out these were the tools that were used, and we will show you how it was done.

You don't need a lot of fancy expensive molds for the cinnamon roll.  Why waste all that money on molds, when candle making can be inexpensive, after all what you really want is fun, not expense.
Gather your tools.
Try touching the middle, after the wax has turned white.  It should feel firm in the middle, not saggy or mushy.  Just firm, but not all the way cooled. 

That is the tricky part - too cool, the wax won't roll well or it will crack.  Too warm - you will have a separation in the middle when you try to roll them up.  It really does have to be just right, but don't panic, you do have a window of warmth.

When it is the right firm feel, take the bread knife and cut around the edges.  Then I cut the wax in 3 section, afterwards cut each section in half.  Now you should have 6 sections in total.
If you do, we can continue....

(Candle making instructions fun and so, so, easy, don't you love it?)

Next get your scraper, gently at the end, put it under a section and lift up.  (My old scraper went under two section.)  Pick up one of the sections.
Pouring Cinnamon Bun Candle
Liquid candle wax cooling in a pizza pan.
Cut around the edges.
The wax cools, you cut it in strips.
Use your scraper for wax.
Cooled wax looks like this. So cut around the edges with a knife to loosen the wax.
Then cut six strips (that is cutting 5 lines to get the six strips)  Try looking at the photo and you can see...I hope....I tried to take a really good photo here.
Lift the strips up at the end with a paint scraper.
Rolling your candles.
Lift the wax off the pan. Making a cinnamon bun candle.
See how easy that lifts up off the pan?  The strip of wax should just peel up.  You can see how the cinnamon stuck to the bottom, giving it a nice cinnamon roll color.  Just lay the strip on the table, place a wick in the end of the roll, and roll the bun up at a slight angle.  Hey, hey, here you go!  Look!  You are doing it!
Peel off pan....easy, don't rip it.  But if you do, just patch it together and cover bad part with the goo later.
Cinnamon Buns all in a row.
Lay out your wax.
Cinnamon Buns Sprinkle with real cinnamon.
Ok, now just put the cinnamon roll on a pan and sprinkle the top with more cinnamon.  Yummy delicious!  A whole row of cinnamon buns. Yea!

Let them sit there and cool.  They will start to sink and spread out some, this is what your want to happen.  You want the baked roll look, don't get the urge to play to much with the candle. This way it will look more like a real bun. you are a candle making fool and weren't the candle making instructions easy to follow?!
Cinnamon Bun Candles
Now for the final step - let the wax left in the pan cool.  Just spoon some over your candle.  If the wax is to hot, it will just wash over the roll. 

Wait for a few more minutes......Try again.  Sometimes I just let the wax cool and dip the bun in upside-down, quickly.  Flip it back up and watch the goo drip down the sides. The wax should coat the cinnamon roll like the photo.
Looking good?......Good enough to eat!
Check out the other ways I make candles by visiting all my instructional ideals.  Do try to remember, the first time you try may not turn out like mine, but don't let that stop you.  This is the kind of work that takes a little practice.  Crafty people will be able to pick this up in no time.  I think when I started, it took me about 3 tries to get it right.  Don't fret the mistakes.  I wasn't trying to make a cinnamon roll when I started this, I was trying to make a cinnamon log.  Then it dawned on me to make the logs shorter and create a cinnamon bun.  See, mistakes are good. 

Your rolls don't have to look like mine either, try adding sprinkles, bits of wax to simulate apples, wax nuts, etc. 

The tools you will need, plus wax and scent.
A cinnamon sprinkled pan.
Wax perfect for cutting into strips
Cut around the outer edge of the pan.
Lift the strips up at the end with a paint scraper.
Couldn't you just die???

I am not in any way responsible for your candle making, I do the best I can, but I can't predict how you will do or how you  interpret my suggestions or candle making instructions.

Never leave a roaster unattended.  Roasters are not made for melting wax, it is only what I use, you use your own judgment, not mine.  Got it!
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