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We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
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The Christmas holiday season will be here soon, purchase your candle containers or scented candles early.  Order in advance and pick up at the store.  Advance orders must be paid for in advance before we will make the candles.

From all of us, Lisa, Tammy, Starla, and the puppies               Merry Christmas!
Winter has long given us our most important celebrations and religious holidays.

For the ancient ones, it was a time of fear and dread.  Cold dark days of winter led our ancestors to create myths, legends, and gods.  These larger then life stories explained what they could not, arrested some of their fears, and giving them a since of control. 
The little twinkle stars in the night sky gave arise to great wonderment.  Perhaps early candle brought not only light, but a semblance of the distant stars light.

Because of their fear's creations, we have come to celebrate our own traditions throughout winter.  We still celebrate the common changes of winter.  The fall harvest, the winter solstice, the new year, and Candlemas.
Yes, we celebrate all the same times that are ancestors did long ago, but have tailored these gayeties to our own liking and beliefs.  Still the celebrations are based on our ancestors worshiping of their individual deities.   From Halloween to Ground Hog Day, winter celebrations are fun and chase away the winter's blues.

The Norse, in Scandinavia celebrated Yule and the winter solstice through January.
They would acknowledge the return of the sun by bringing home large logs to burn.  Everyone would celebrate with a feast as long as the log was burning. The logs were so large that sometime it took 12 days for the log to burn out. A sacrifice would be made on each of those 12 days........Remember the song, The 12 Days of Christmas?
They believed that each spark the fire spewed forth would result in a baby pig or calf being born in the spring.
Still today, we love the warmth and comfort a fireplace brings.

Germans worshiped the pagan god Oden in the winter.  They thought that Oden would fly at night through the sky watching us mere mortals below.  Then Oden would decide who would prosper or perish.  Does this remind you of anyone we know who flies through the sky deciding who was naught or nice?

In Japan a large fire is the center of attention on the last two days of the year.  It is part of the O-Shogatsu.  Japan's most important holiday, the New Year. It is a time of paper lanterns lit with candles, wooden clappers,  Kadomatsu decorations, dragons, feasting on Mochi, and a good house cleaning.  That is right, I said cleaning.  The Japanese clean every inch of their before they decorate.   You can read more about the
Japanese Winter's New Year celebration. They give presents too, it is called O-tshidama, tiny envelopes full of money are given to children from relatives, parents, and friends.  And like all other children around the world, the children are suppose to be good all year long deserving honor with these gifts.

Although Stonehenge may have taken a great part in winter celebration in the England of long ago, England is better know for it's
Victorian Christmas celebrations. It is around this time that all things we know as Christmas began to spring up....The Christmas Tree lit with candles, Carolers Caroling, Christmas Dinner, Christmas Cards, and my favorite story, The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

Candlemas is celebrated on Feb. 2nd.  Halloween is a celebration of the fall harvest, death of summer, and the beginning of winter.

I am just glad that our ancestors, no matter which part of the world they come from started celebrating the dark steel gray days of winter. The exchanging of gifts, decorations, feasting, and merry making make dark days lighter and blue moods higher.  Just knowing that spring is right around the corner makes it all the better.
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