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Our hearts go out to Susie Bell, our air freshener maker.  Her house burnt down, taking everything.  Donations are being accepted.  They managed to save the dogs, but lost all the cats and her dear Clara, a rescue chicken. 

This means that she is temporarily out of business as she has  no place to make paper. 

I will keep you updated.

Update 3-1-2014  Per The Messenger.com
This has been a difficult winter for lots of folks. Anton neighbors David and Susie Bell lost their home to fire last week. While things are still unsettled, their dogs are at Tender Care Veterinary Clinic, which is accepting donations on their behalf for personal and pet needs. If you wish to share donations of dog food, personal items, shopping cards or cash to help them get back on their feet, please contact the clinic.  David and Susie visit their dogs daily. Although escaping the fire physically unharmed, they still need our support and prayers for such a life-changing event.
Tender Care Veterinary is on Facebook
Phone (270) 824-1002
Email tendercareveterinary@aol.com
New unscented cut paper blank.  Introducing a choice between a darker or lighter kraft colored blanks - just request dark or light kraft colors.  Check out the new oval embossed crow blanks.


Page 1 
Hearts, Ovals, Flip Flops, Stars and Circles.

Page 2
Butterflies,  Angels, Pink / Yellow Ribbons .

Page 3
Gingerbread Men, Snowflakes, Snowmen, Bears, Doves .

Page 4
Texas, Cowboy Boots, Horse, Leafs, Pumpkins.

Page 5
Embossed - Crow n Weeping Willow, Smiley Faces, and Uncut  8.5 X 11 Paper Sheets.

Page 6
Create Your Own Packages, Buy In Bulk, and Bags.
Susie Bell's Instructions for making your own air fresheners with our cut out blanks.
(Original credit and a special thanks goes to Susan Bell creator of this wonder product and our newest friend)

This is how we scent our air fresheners.  The scent and packaging takes about 12 minutes - 2 minutes for the application of the scent and 10 minutes for the fragrance oil to soak in.  It is so simple and easy, you can make hundreds in a day.  We sold them at flea markets, to gas stations, craft shops and to our friends. 

Kid would have great fun in making and selling around the neighborhood!  Of course, never let anyone under the age of 18 make the fresheners without direct adult supervision. 

Scents may cause irratation to the skin and eyes of smalll ones.
Assemble Your Supplies - Below is everything we use in making our own airfresheners. You can purchase blank air freshener from us.  You can also purchase fragrance oils (commonly called candle scent) by following the links here.

Great for fun raisers, craft shops, flea markets and any place else you can think of. 

If you are crafting Valentine Day's Necklaces, not scented air fresheners, here is a little trick Susie taught me: Decoupage pretty tissue paper (among other papers) to the base cutout. After completely dry, use a fingernail file and file off excess paper around the edges for a smoother look.  You can create amazing decorations with different paper, think old magazines, tissue paper, glitter, ect.  Add pretty ribbon and little girls love the necklace.
Beginner Air Freshener Kit for only 35.00 plus 5.85 for shipping. (It takes 2-3 weeks to make the paper and ship.)

Includes: 8 ounces  Fragrance Oil (Your choice of lilac, honeysuckle, black cherry, sex on the beach, clean cotton, angel wings, mulberry, peach, or apple.)

25 air freshener blanks- your choice of shapes

25 cello bags to put your finished air fresheners in. 

You provide the rest!
To scent our air freshener we use the following supplies:
1. Something to cover our work surface (we use waxed paper)
2. An air freshener blank
3. A small inexpensive paint brush
4. Paper towels
5. Small container for F.O. and alcohol
6. Fragrance Oil.
7. Alcohol for cleaning your brush
8. We use a rack to lay our scented blank on  (This is not necessary, but it is helpful)
Making air freshener supplies
Next, pour your fragrance oil into a container.  Remember the better the oil, the longer, stronger and better your air freshener will be.
Now for the first step - Select a Blank
Pour fragrance oil into paper cup.
The "I want to try, but don't want to spend to much package!"

One air freshener blank (
shape and color of our choosing) for only 2.95, shipping included.

Nothing else included, just the blank.
Selecting your air freshener
Now take your cheap little craft brush and paint the fragrance oil on one side of the blank.
Now turn the blank over and paint the other side!
Painting the other side.
Painting one side of airfreshener
Pour some rubbing alcolol into a cup.
Swish your brush around in the alcohol for a minute or so
Swishing brush clean
Pouring alcohol into a cup.
Pour the unused fragrance oil back into the bottle.
Blot your brush on the paper towel
Pouring back fragrance oil into bottle
Brush cleaning
Package your freshener in a cello bag and label.  You're done!!
Thread a hanger (ribbon, raffia, elastic, ect.) through the hole.  I have heard that some people like to add the hanger first, to give them a better grib on the air freshener shape.  I guess this is a personal preference.
A finished and packaged air freshener
Threading Air fresheners
Smiley Face Air Freshener
Listen Up!  When adding scent to the Smiley Face, it takes about an hour for the scent to creep into the eyes and smile. 

Do not keep adding more scent, then usual.

You will rip the darn thing up. 

If you are painting the eyes and smile, they you don't need to be bothered.  The paint will not let the scent go in the eyes and smile anyway. This small amount of painted space will not matter to the overall smell when finished.  The smiley face is my favorite, I keep one in my car.
See how simply we finished this crafting project!  Easy as pie.  What a great little project for everyone.
How adorable and fun for the whole family or a simple way to make a little extra and have some fun.

Now, for our disclaimer......Just because we can make money selling these finished products, doesn't mean that everyone can.  Some people just can't seem to accomplish even the simplest of task.  You need common sense and a little "get up and go". If you can't manage to do what we can, please don't complain to us.  We have plenty of customer who can.

Decorating the blanks

The blanks can be decorated, but there are some things that work and some things that donít work.

These are the things that
DONíT work!

1. Magic Markers, Marks a Lot and Sharpies donít work. The fragrance oil will eat the image in about 20 minutes.

2. Rubber cement, household cement, and Spraymount donít work. The fragrance oil acts like a solvent on these glues so that whatever you attach to the blank will slide right off. Hot glue works for a couple of weeks, but will loosen over time.

3. Clear Avery Labels donít work. The fragrance oil not only dissolves the glue on the back, but it also softens the clear label and turns it into a little pile of goo.

4. Rubber stamping inks donít work. Some stamping inks do work, but you have to get the ones that are dye based as opposed to pigment based. The pigment based stamping mediums will be dissolved by the fragrance oil.

5. Oil paints donít work for the same reason that pigment-based stamp pads donĎt work

However, there are a lot of things that DO work:

1. Washable markers (like the Crayola washable markers) work. They are a water based marker and they come in a lot of colors and they are inexpensive. You donít have to get the Crayola markers. The ones from the Dollar store work great.

2.Elmerís glue, Alleenís Tacky glue and any white glue work. These glues are called PVA glues and are water soluble. They hold well, they dry clear and they are cheap.

3.Ross glue sticks work fine if you are gluing something light, like a label. Just apply pressure (a large heavy book) to the glued piece for about 10 minutes. You can find the glue sticks in the office supply store or the office section of Walmart. They usually come 2 to a pack and they last a long time if you donít forget to put the top back on them. Donít get the ones that start out purple or blue and dry clear. They donít dry clear.

4. Acrylic paints work. You can buy these in little bottles in the craft department.
They are cheap and they come in a lot of colors.

5. Glitter works. Just paint the surface of the blank with Elmerís type glue and sprinkle either glitter or mica on the glue and tap off the excess. The glue dries clear. If you have a lot of glitter on the front of the blank, it might be a good idea to scent from the back, as the glitter will get into you paint brush and it hard to get the glitter out of the brush.

No matter how you decide to decorate the blanks, you must always remember to decorate first, let the decorations sit for about 24 hours and then scent.

If you want to experiment with different glues, paints or stamping media, look at the clean-up instructions on the label. If the clean up has to be done with a solvent such as turpentine, mineral spirits or a special cleaning solution that is specific to that product, it probably isnít compatible with the fragrance oil. If the clean up uses just water or soap and water, the product will probably work just fine. Always test you products first.

If you have any more questions, please let us know, we will try to help when ever we can, but we don't know everything.....yet!
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