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Find candle information through out history. Discover fun facts and candle trivia.  We have
searched the internet to bring you all the craziest, weirdest, unusual, and coolest facts and trivia
about the candle.

We even searched the old fashion way too, with books!  We learned how to do that in school, kids..
Did you know.................
No one really know why we have candles on birthday
cakes?  It is a fact lost in history, but some think it is
because the ancient Greeks use to make round cakes
in honor of the full moon and take use them in
worship of their goddess Artemis.  She was the
goddess of the moon. It is said the Greeks placed
candles around the cake to resemble a glowing full
moon.  Do you suppose they sang a song when they
did this!
Greek Candle Goddesses
Did you know.............

Some say that the Germans were the inventors of the birthday cakes.  They celebrated
birthdays with "Geburtstagorten".  A special German cake.

Now the Germans were skilled craftsmen and candlemakers, very skilled in their wax

Cake candles are suppose to represent little sweet cakes.   It is all too much warm fuzzy

Did you know...............
Some people think that burning a candle with citronella helps to avoid mosquitoes.  Although
the smoke may help to run the mosquitoes away, citronella is not an effective deterrent to
getting rid of mosquitoes.  See the facts of one study at the NEUROSCIENCE FOR KIDS

Did you know...............
There is a fish named the Candlefish!  This fish, also know as Smelt, has a silvery skin.  It
gets it name from the  The name  Alaskan Indians.  They use to dry this very oily fish and
using a piece of bark for a wick which they pushed through the bottom of the fish.  The oil
would let the bark of the wood burn for a long time.  I can't imagine what this  smelly
lamp's fragrance would smell like........FISHY!  I much prefer the sweet fragrances that we
sell, but if you are ever stranded in the woods, in need of a lamp.........now you know.

The candlefish are very tasty and so oily, that they need no sauce for eating.....sool.....you
can read more about how these fish were mentioned in history by reading - What's Cooking
Groundhog day replaced ancient Candle Mass
Did you know........
Long before it was called Groundhogs Day, it
was called Candlemas.  Candlemas is a Christian
festival observed on February 2.
It is the beginning of spring, as it is halfway between the winter solstice and the spring
equinox. Yes, the dreariest day of the year, with gray skies, drizzle, slushy, damp feeling.  It
has always been a holiday marked with the kindling of sacred fires.

No doubt to bring a little light  and hope into the dreary day.  Catholics used this day for bless
all church candles used for the new year.
Here is a wonderful article about
the benefits of burning candles
with added essential oils from the
University of South Hampton.

Two researchers, Dr Lindsey
Gaunt and Sabrina Higgins,  
discovered that adding essential
oils to the candle will destroy
bacteria such as Escherichia Coli
and Staphylococcus aureus on
most surfaces.

I found it interesting and very
Candlemas Candles
If you want to read more, please read the
CANDLEMAS, "The Light Returns" by
Mike Nichols.  I found the article very
informative and just a scrumptious read
on this....my dreary gray dark unlit
candle day..
Did you know........
A flame is a glowing mixture of gases called combustion!   The gases contain oxygen combined
with some of the following.hydrogen, carbon monoxide, or hydrocarbon.

A candle flame is typical of this.  When you light a candle, the heat melts the hard wax and carries
the wax and scent up the wick, then vaporized into the air.

A candle flame has 3 separate zones.  The first and innermost zone is composed of air/gas mixture,
very low temp.

The second zone - the fire, or luminous portion has hydrogen and carbon monoxide reacting with
the oxygen from surrounding air and forms water and carbon dioxide.  The temperature is about
590 degrees C.  The bright yellow light, that we all love, is created by the carbon action.

Then the third section is mostly invisible to us.  It is the fumes.

The scent is released in the pool of hot wax that forms in the center of the candle.
Love by Candle Light
Did you know............
An internet rumor has it that you can use candles to make a microwave spit out Lightning
Balls?  O, is this ever a great read....you have to see this experiment.

Of course you may destroy the microwave.  I haven't personality tried it, because microwave
ovens cost money to replace.

You cook lit candles in an microwave that is well over the 500 watts.  You need a bunch of
charred toothpicks in top of a lit candle, then it is all plasma orange flames crawling around
your microwave.

It is all to much science for me, but the guys love it.  Sorry about your microwaves
Candle light has come to
signified love and romance.
Did you know............
Ever want a campfire that really puts on a show????!!!  You can add certain chemicals to a fire that will make it change colors.  A great
way to teach children about science and the effect of mixing chemicals together.  Take a large log and make several holes in the log.
Take the sawdust and mix with one or more of the following chemicals, then add the mixture to the holes you sawed into the log.  (This is
sooooo cool, your kids will love the magic of it all.)

You can find these chemicals at your local grocery store or other area stores.  Won't your kids will be amazed that the grocery store sells
"chemicals" and that you knew this all along.  

Orange color is made from Calcium Chloride found in Ice Melter.
Yellow color is made from Sodium Chloride commonly found in Table Salt.
Violet color is found in Potassium Nitrate or Salt Peter - also found in Creme of Tarter
Blue will be the color if you find Copper Sulfate (bluestone). This is used to treat disease in cattle feet, so     ask a farmer or check your
local feed store.
A cool green colored fire will come from Boric Acid Antiseptic Eye Wash

Now you can make cooler little individual fire cups from old egg cartons - (use the paper kind, not the plastic kind)  Cut the egg cartons
into individual sections and fill each with sawdust and chemical from above.  Nestle the little cups in  your kindling, light the fire, and watch
for the colors to appear.
Before warned about the color blue, as nocturnal moths use the
color of moonlight or other natural light as a means of
navigation.  Since the color blue seems to look like moonlight to
the moths, they will fly around and around, trying to find their
orientation.  Soon they will clasp from exhaustion and die.

Please brush your moths away from your fire and back to the
woods.  No innocent moths should be hurt by your fire blue
Halloween Candle Light
Did you know.............  
Stingy Jack is the reason we put candles in pumpkins.  The
best story I have found on the internet about Stingy Jack
and his candle light was at HauntedBay.com.  If you are
going camping and need a great ghost story to tell when
you are sitting around your colored fire, Haunted Bay is the
place to find one.  There are ghost stories to be found here
by the book load.  If you have never visited Haunted Bay,
then you are in for a real treat.
Candle and Cow
Did you know.............
Rumor has it that on Sunday, October 8, 1871 in the
early evening, Catherine O'Leary's cow kicked over a
candle and started the Great Chicago Fire.  That's the
rumor, I am starting anyway.

Now, what we do know is the fire did start in Mr. and
Mrs. O'Leary's barn.  All historians agree with that.
We do know the inferno spared  the Leary's  home, much to the Leary's relief.  It
did spread to most of Chicago, burning down the homes of everyone else.  By
Tuesday morning, October 10th, this fire had reduced the size of Chicago by
approximately three and one-third square miles.  It created death, despair,
tragedy, and added to the homeless population.

Suspects were rounded up by the Board of Police and Fire Commissioners, in
order to assign blame, but despite months of investigation, the evidence was not
forth coming.  The finger of blame could not be pointed.

So did a candle  actually cause the fire,  is this merely a nineteenth-century urban
legend. or was Mrs. Leary and her cow to blame?  Was this fire started by an
unknown individual for profit?  Much of Chicago was destroyed, allowing for
new land development

Perhaps it was caused by the two men, Daniel Sullivan and Dennis Regan who
visited the Leary's that night.  It was reported that they met in the barn that
evening.  The reason they met in the barn was never expanded on.
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