Starla's Candle Making Instructions - Tips, Basic Recipes and Techniques

I made all the candles pictured above - in my garage - by myself without anyone's help.  If I can - you can.
If you want free candle making instructions from people who actually use their own instructions, then your home is here.

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I share my candle making instructions and all my creative crafts with my customers.
These are the same craft and candle instructions that I use. My sister said I never could keep a secret... she must be right.
Candle Making Techniques

The basics of decorating a candle,
how to cool the wax, how to use the
cooled wax, and how to achieve the
colors you want.

This section should give you a lot of
new ideas for very easy grunge candle
recipes and projects.
cupcake candles
Wax Melting Instructions for the
Beginner Candle Maker

In this section, you will learn the
basics of melting wax, the do's and

You wouldn't think there was that
much to melting wax, but there is.
Making wax cookies
Basic Candle Making Instructions

This section deals with how to make a basic hard candle
base.  From here you can further develope your candle
with unique decorations, adding your own unique twists
and tips.

But first you need to learn the basics of the candle.
Basic Candle Making Instructions
Primitive Candle Making Techniques
Melting wax in a roaster.
Create your own cake candle
Grunging your Candle

The basics of primitives, the colors, the styles, the ways to
create that homestyle country look.
How to make primitive scented candles, tips, recipes, ideas,
with easy to use instructions.  It is easy to make primitive
grungy dark smelly candles.
Various Methods of Grunging a Candle
Creating Wax Dipped Primitive Rag Balls
Creating Wax Dipping Rag Balls

Find out how to make these Cool Country Scented Rag
Ball Ornies for Primitive Home Decorations
Adorable Wax Snowman Made by Hand
Making Wax Snowmen!

This is accomplished without using a mold.  This
candle is homemade by hand.  An easy beginner
Wax scented and drenched smelly bear.
Waxed and Scented Smelly Bear Instructions

In this section you will discover how to make
those famous scented smell wax drenched teddy
Old Wax- New Ideas
Old Wax - New Ideas

What to do with those old wax pieces, when you hate to throw anything away.
Fun Facts and Candle Trivia
Fun Facts and Candle Trivia

How about learning some fun facts and candle just never know what you
don't know............
How to make an applie pie candle.
Making Wax Apple Pies from Scratch.

This section covers make a crust for home made, handmade pie using wax.
Check our our technique for making crust without molds.  We cover lots of candle
making information in this section.
Grubby Scented Hanging Tags

Add a little something extra to that gift or craft item.  These adorable little tags give your craft that
extra touch at the craft bazzarrs.

Free Candle Making Instructions
Instructions for Making Wax Ice Cream
Making Wax Ice Cream Cones

Making ice cream cones from wax will be one of the easiest of our candle instructions to use.  
There are a multitude of different uses for scoops of ice cream made from wax.