Making an Apple Pie from Wax without using a mold.
How To Make Apple Pie Crust and fill.  Make the candle.  How do I make my own candles
without a mold, is a common question. Free instructional classes with photos for the
beginner or the advanced candlemaker from the experts are here!
Hot baked apple pie candle
Apple pieces for the middle of the pies
Making your own candles don't get any easier then these instructions.  It is one of the first faux foods I learned.

If you can master this you can master all others.  We use our specially blended hard wax for making candles, can't say how another wax
We are going to show you how easy it is to create this candle, for gifts or just because.
make our own candles a little differently, because of the large quantities we create, but for a few at home treats, creating candles
with this no molds project is easy.

You can make your own candles at home like this.   When we started these were the tools we used, and this is the process we used.
You don't need a lot of fancy expensive molds for candles.

Why waste money on molds. Making your candle can be inexpensive, what you really want is fun, not expense.

Here are basic instructions, I have used for home made wax pie crust.

One 5 lb. block of white wax, 2oz of scent (I like Country Vanilla), one kitchen bread knife, six small wicks, a paint scraper, regular
cinnamon, and scissors to cut the wicks with.

Even curling your wicks is a cute idea.  Making one 6" pie crust with enough left over wax to fill in the crust.)

I used a 9" by 16"  pizza pan.
Be sure your pan doesn't have Teflon or another coating. Wax sticks to Teflon.
Gather your tools. Ready to start?

First sprinkle pan with a generous coating of cinnamon.

Melt 1 slab of our white wax.  This wax seems to stay warm longer.  Cooling quickly is not what's wanted here.

You want wax to be like playdough, when it is halfway cooled in order to have time to work with it.

After the wax is melted, add the scent and pour mixture into the cinnamon sprinkled pan.

Sprinkle more cinnamon if needed.   How deep you pour the wax will depend on how thick the pie crust will be.  I always kept it about
1/4" thick.

Now sit back and let it cool.  It does take time for the pan to cool.

I can't give you the exact time, since this will depend on the room temperature, as well as the temperature of your wax when poured.  Air
temperature is very important in making candles, wax likes a warm room for cooling.

Expert candle makers have a warming room just for cooling candles.  As this wax is thin, it will cool sooner then if you poured it thicker.

Try touching the middle, after the wax has turned white.  Should feel firm in the middle, not saggy or mushy.

Just firm, but not all the way cooled.  That is the tricky part - too cool, the crust won't fold in half or it will crack.

Too warm - you will have a squishy separation in the middle when you try to fold in half.  It really does have to be just right, but don't
panic, you do have a window of warmth.

When it is the right firm feel, take the bread knife and cut around the edges.  Cut the wax in 5 section.  I find this is the perfect width for
me to work with

Next get your scraper, gently at the end, put it under a section and lift up.  (My old scraper went under two section.)  Pick up one of the

You have to work your pie crust just like you would if you were making a real pie!

You can pinch it with your fingers, use a fork, or any numerous other ways you make a real pie at home!

It only takes a little work and a little effort to do this.

The crust doesn't have to look perfect, add your own touch.  Experiment with your crust.  Make it your own.

See the wax easily lift off the pan?

The wax strip should just peel up.

The cinnamon stuck to the bottom, giving a nice color?  Lay the strip on the table and fold in two.

Now place the strip around the top of a terra cotta flower pot bottom and start to make your crust.

Make sure that you have coated your terra cotta flower pot bottom with a decopodge to seal the clay from absorbing the wax - or else
you will have a hudge bon fire.

The final instructions step - let the wax, left in the pan, cool.

Make the wax the color that you like.

Dark gooey brown, light and creamy.

Take the left over wax in the pan and tilt the pan, let it cool till there is a skim that forms on top.

Take the skim to the top of the pan - on the high end of the tilt and beat/stir it up with a spoon..sort of like apple sauce.  

Then spoon it into your crust.  Top with some faux food apple and you have a candle pie!
Looking good?......Good enough to eat!

Be creative with your own pie candles.  Try to top them with a lattice pie crust!

Do it the same way you would a real pie!

Or make a pie crust topping, add a few fork holes and pour in a little left over goo till it drizzles out!

Also, try chopping warm wax for toppings into little pieces like nuggets, use a cookie cutter, try coconut creams by whipping with an old
mixer - mixer unusable for anything else now, but who cares?  

Get the different color layers by using different color waxes and letting the first layer cool before going on to the secound layer.

The first layer is one color, say lemon and the next layer is the white meringue.

If you use a grater on white wax, you will get a coconut like substance for the topping - Hint - Hint

No molds!

O, if you want an apple, and don't want to buy a mold.

Pour thin wax on the pizza pan and take the plastic top of a spice bottle, or any bottle cap that size will do.

Use it as you would a cookie cutter and stamp a bunch of round circles.

Now cut the circles in half.  There you have your apples.

You can use the sprinkled cinnamon on the pans bottom for a better artistic look.
Instructions Beginning
Tools you will need to make
your candle, plus wax and
Instructions Sprinkle Cinnamon
A cinnamon sprinkled pan
with the melted wax
poured in.  See the
cinnamon settle to the
bottom?  Now the bottom
is coated with cinnamon.
nstructions - Cooling Wax
Wax perfect for cutting into
strips.  I get many strips
for this 9" by 16" pizza pan.
Cutting Around the C@ndle
Cut around the
outer edge of
the pan with a
bread knife.
Lift from Pan.
Remove from pan.
Lay strip on table.
Rolling pie crust over.
Lift the strips up at the
end with a paint scraper.
Work your pie crust.
Working your crust.
Pie Crust
Hot baked apple pie wax candles with 3 wicks
Tilt pan
Candlemakers Companion was the first book I read on making candles.  I recommend this book for
first time candlemakers.

Use your imagination!

Basic paraffin wax has been used for centuries in the art of making candles.

Giving light was the basic goal of the candlemaker then, now it's strictly for pleasure, bringing soft
glow to a hazy summer's evening or warmth to a cold winter's night.  Add fragrance and your
home brings a feeling of warm comfort.

Working with wax is an art form.

Cut and carve candles, hand decorated candles, even painting on candles is possible with a wax
painting medium.

Wax is unlimited in it's art form.  Look at a wax museum!  All wax!

Thin pours of wax can be cut and rose buds formed - Decorate the top of a wax cake!   I've seen
wedding cakes made entirely of wax!

How pretty the glowing flames flicker from a wedding cake!  Surrounded with ice sculptures at

The right wax - your imagination -  there's nothing you can't make wax do.

Still don't want the fuss of making candles, we'll do it for you.
This is the roaster I use to make my
candles with.  I like that I can put 20
pounds or 2 pounds of wax  in the
roaster.   It's works for the large, as
well as the smaller amounts of wax.  
They last me for a couple of years.

I have to say that, Hamilton Beach
doesn't recommend these roasters for
wax melting.  And you do need to take
precautions.  Don't leave your melters
unattended, don't put to much in it,
make sure you have water in the
bottom, don't turn it up to high and
always check the wax temperature
with a wax thermometer to begin
with.  I do find these roasters don't
have an exact temperature when
melting at the lower 200 degree temp,
so I check each roaster with a wax
thermometer to begin with.

People .....USE Common Sense.
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