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Starla's Melt and Pour Candle Wax

Wax is great for any type of candle - rolling cinnamon buns, making pillars, votives, faux food candles.
Wax has additives already mixed in.  Just MELT AND POUR!

Melt point 132 degrees
Wax by the pound.  Great if you want to play and see what it is all about!
1 pound wax and one large wick 5.00 plus shipping.
The wax is white, pure, creamy and all you need to do is melt and pour.
Our wax will work for making any type of candle and for waxing bears.   This is the wax we use. Starla makes our wax from a base paraffin wax with the steric, vybar, and other additives mixed in.  Yes, we make our own wax,  Blended just right for all types of candles.  Works especially well with creating faux food candles.  Look at some of our candles and you will see what we mean.  You can make cakes, bunt cakes, cute tarts, cup cakes, apple pies, and even roll up a cinnamon bun.  We rarely need to use a mold because of the way our wax works.

10 lbs of wax will make nine 16 oz candles.
10 lbs of wax does 18 or so  6" bears for those dipping bears

Although our paraffin based wax has the below additives, plus our own secret ingredient, some of you may have purchases straight paraffin and need the basic additives.  The basic additives are below.

Whipping wax to a froth.
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Christmas Scented Candles.
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Wax in colors.
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Melt and Pour Wax
Colors Shown are Cream, Pink, and Lilac
10 lbs. Colored Wax
10 lbs. Colored Wax
10 pounds of Artic Blue wax, includes additives already in wax.
10 pounds of Hunter Green wax, includes additives already in wax.
10 pounds of Wedgewood Blue wax, includes additives already in wax.
10 pounds of Violet wax, includes additives already in wax.
10 pounds of Royal Blue wax, includes additives already in wax.
10 pounds of Lilac wax, includes additives already in wax.
10 pounds of Red Red wax, includes additives already in wax.
10 pounds of Pink wax, includes additives already in wax.
10 pounds of Burgundy wax, includes additives already in wax.
10 pounds of Pastel Pink wax, includes additives already in wax.
10 pounds of Yellow wax, includes additives already in wax.
10 pounds of Plain uncolored white wax, includes additives already in wax.  Perfect for making cinnamon buns.
10 pounds of Mustard Yellow wax, includes additives already in wax.    A brownish yellow - like a primitive yellow.
10 pounds of Brown wax, includes additives already in wax.
10 pounds of Orange wax, includes additives already in wax.
10 pounds of Black wax, includes additives already in wax.
This color will fade in sunlight and may fade somewhat on re-melting.
10 pounds of Kelly Green wax, includes additives already in wax.
Waxes for Candles
Special blended candle waxes with a  paraffin base for making all kinds of candles.  Very unique candle supply wax!
Our product which works wonders for your homemade creations. 
Candle wax is easily formed into handmade faux food candles, like our sweet rolls, jelly rolls, and apple pies.  We use this wax in all our handmade products. 
Stays warm longer, so when you pour it out in a shallow pizza pan and let it cool some, you can form it into snowmen, rabbits, cinnamon buns, or anything you like!  I've never found another candle wax which will do this for me.  Try a block and see.  Has a great burn too!
A candle wax which is specially formulated for use in faux candles, cakes, pillars, votives, and the waxed dipped bear!  About 12 6" bears to one slab.  We formulate this wax ourselves.

Call in orders 1-740-779-9425 - I am not always available by phone.  It is easier to contact me by email.

Safety Tips for Wax Melting
Never have the wax in direct contact with the heat source.  Wax is like grease, as it has a flash point. In general, wax has a flash point of 395 degrees. A flash point is the point where the wax is so hot that it burst into flames all by itself. So I say "IN GENERAL" the flash point of wax is 300 degrees. I tell everyone - if wax is smoking, it is too hot.  The vapors produced are extremely flammable for any heat source like a stove.  Use the double boiler.  Don't melt it in a microwave.  Our wax isn't made for this.  I like my wax at 150 degrees for a variety of reasons.

Most paraffin waxes have a flash point around 395 F. When it reaches its flash point it may not smoke or bubble, it will usually just explode, splattering flaming wax in all directions. To avoid this catastrophe, always use the double boiling method to melt your wax. Water boils at 212 F, which is well below the flash point of any paraffin wax.

Yes, I said this twice in different ways, I want you to get the message.  USE A DOUBLE BOILER!  Not your crock pot, or your microwave, or in a pan on direct heat!  Got it!

We use to sell one pour wax, but we have since stopped selling it.  Just too expensive to keep both waxes in stock.  Since we don't use the one pour wax, we just stopped purchasing it.  Once upon a time, this wax was called Single Pour, One Pour, Missy's 123 or J50 Astrolite Candle Wax.  The wax had a different name depending on who was selling the wax.

And I have to say that J50 Astrolite pour easy as 123.  It is a very good wax, if all you are doing is pouring containers.  You can't decorate with it, but this soft candle making wax which only needs one pour.  Will not sink. Remember, this is for use in containers only, as it will not release.   I used a temperature of 160 degrees for this material. 

But you should note - Your room temperature is important, also.  I keep the room temperature at 85 degrees, if possible.This will prevent cooling to quickly which causes a "worm hole" in the center.  E-mail us with any questions, as each has their own peculiarities!!

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Read the policy section before ordering.  We do not accept returns.  Colors of waxes will vary from batch to batch. All items here are made by hand, not by machine.

We understand the high cost of shipping, but we do not own U.P.S. nor the U.S. Post Office.  Wish we did.