Me an my mom in
Starla's Candle Making
With the exception of the middle photo, I haven't a clue who these people are.  I
collect old photos and thought I would share a couple with you.
This page is about each of the gals on this site.  We share the site, but live in
different cities and sometimes ....states..................
Handmade Wax Snowman Candle
A section containing information about our candles and supplies, how we built our
website, and where we got started..

We actually use these ingredients in making our own bakery candles, grunge candles,
primitives, and grubbies.  We will give you free candle making tips, recipes, and ideas on
how to make a scented candle at home.

Some shops offer classes on candle making, I agree that hands on is a good
experience, but for people who don't want to pay an outrageous fortune, don't have
the time, or don't have the classes within driving distance, then try our free on line
instructions.  They are a good way to get a start on making candles.

Remember to keep this simple, making candles isn't difficult to do, but some people
seem to make it difficult.  Just don't over think this too much.  Basically you melt the
wax, pour it into something, add a few wicks and you are done.  Just make sure you
measure all of your ingredients, don't catch your wax on fire, and use the right number
of wicks.  This is why you read the instructions.

About 10 years ago, I started making candles in my garage, although I had made
candles as a kid with my mom, this was the first time I tried to make them for resale.  I
rented an outside booth that summer at a flea market and started selling candles in
jars.  Gotta say, every weekend. that summer was laid back.  The kids loved every
minute of hanging out and I think it taught them a lesson or two on the value of a
dollar. They gain some valuable experience with the practical use of math, record
keeping, and capitalism.   It felt good to have the whole family together on the
weekends, too.  No TV, no Playstations, no phones.

One thing lead to another and I met Lisa, a gal who had been making candles as long
as I had.  She had converted her parents huge garage into a candle shop.  Eventually,
we became close friends. She is one of those people who are always happy, upbeat,
and in love with life itself.  Very creative.
I have no idea who they are, just found the photo at an auction.
Just a nice photo of some nice gals once upon a time.............
I opened a shop of my own.  And alone came Susie.

The natural progression of things, lead to the creation of a web site, and where we are today.

Funniest thing, to us at any rate, is that our best seller, at the moment, isn't a candle at all, but a smelly bear.  No wick in site!

The waxed and scented bears are my department and  Lisa handles the creative candle making.  I can't believe the time and details she
puts into these candles.  The logs and cakes are topped with wax rose hips and pecans.  She made the mold that make the rose hips and

Her apple pies have crust done by hand!   I mean actually made from wax by hand, without the use of a mold.  How cool is that?  The wax
apples used in the pies look so real, you can see why people would be fooled into thinking they are real pies.

Tammy helps everywhere and has the best ideas.
Emilio does the practical math doubt the most important part of the operation.

That's about it for an introduction to the family operated business. We just wanted to let you know a little about us - Starla, Lisa, Tammy,
and Emilio

So your candle creations are finished, now you are ready to make money.  Where?  How?

Local craft shows are the best place to start.  Nearby flea markets are nice too, but where can you make the most money and stay home.
Ok, someone told you eBay.  Great if you want to pay fees that add up fast and take away your profit

After all, a stay at home mother is why you started candles and crafts, isn't it?  Taking care of your little ones at home, having time to
enjoy life, and earning a little extra fun money.

If this is the case, and you have an hour or so a day you can devote to building a web site, I would suggest this.  Looking at building a
website as a crafting hobby, makes it an easy task.  A hobby that will make some extra family money, grow in time, and maybe, just
maybe become a family enterprise.

If the thought of building a website has you wringing your hands and pulling your hair, stop.  In this day and age, the actual building part
is done for you.  You don't have to be a computer genius or even a geek, all you need is some stubborn stick to it, a mule like dogma, and
a willingness to stay the course.  This isn't a get rich quick scheme.  This is going to take awhile, so if it is a hobby you work on a little each
day, time will go by and the end results will be rewarding. Time is going to go by whether you are working on a website or not.....isn't it.  
Let time be your friend, maybe you want to leave the website to your kids someday.

In the meantime, sell at the craft shows, the local flea markets, wholesale your candles and airfresheners to locally owned gas stations,
carry outs, beauty salons and such.

Now for building a website.

My pick is Yahoo Page Builder.  It is the computer geek who will work for you.  You just point, click, drop, drag, and type.  Easy as that.  I
pay only 10.95 a month.  You can have your very own website with all of Yahoo's expertise, knowledge, and easy of mind.  Heck, you pay
that much on entertainment.

You don't have to worry they won't be there in a few years.  Plus, if you need to talk to someone, real people answer their help line!
How are you going to get paid for your candles and crafts, you ask?
Paypal makes it a breeze for people to pay you.  All you have to do is collect your money and ship their purchase.  Paypal has made it a
breeze to add their buttons to Yahoo's Page Builder.  It is a copy and paste procedure.
As to shipping, UPS will come to your door and pick up your outgoing packages.  The United States Post Office (UPSP) offers free priority
shipping boxes.  You customer pays the shipping.  Thanks to Ebay for making that the norm.

Now, I don't know one thing about computer languages, building websites, or any of that stuff.  I learned html from back alleys, unsavory
places like Ebay, viewing the source, reading. (that was my attempt at a joke)  But in the end, Yahoo page builder does the real job.  I just
thought, the Abe Lincoln act by computer light, would do me good.

I figured if Yahoo could build it, I could get visitors.  But where to start?  Like looking for a needle in a haystack without know the words -
needles and haystacks - existed, let alone "what" they are.  How does a non geek like me get visitors?

I was so without knowledge.

I paid a grand to a company in Columbus, Ohio to help get my site listed.  They gave me an hour.  I listened to every word, memorized
every word.  Came home and started research.  I had the "word knowledge" I needed to find what I was looking for.  Small price to pay for
education.  College was more

It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, once I was on the right track.  

Don't wait forever to make a beginning in the online world of commerce.  You can do this.  I did.  
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