Making Primitive Kraft Tags for your Bear Bags.
Free scented candle ideas and easy art craft ideas for creating in winter, summer, spring, or fall.  You will love the easy craft ideas we have found
and come up with.  Great craft making ideas for use with the whole family.
Everyone will enjoy these ideas even the kids.  Add some variations of these ideas and you will have a great spin on for Valentines day craft ideas,
Christmas crafts, wedding crafts, birthday gift ideas.
Christmas candles cheap and easy make gifts for everyone.
Pear Hang Tags
Pear Hang Tag
Bunches of snowmen
I finally got around to painting primitive
hang tags of my own forsale.

The first selection are hand painted water
color primitive pears. Each hang tag is
unique and hand painted by me!

I can only do this in the summer months
when I have time, so don't expect
handpainting after August.  The bears
keep me too busy at that time.
Hang painted hang tags.
You get 10 hand-painted hang-tags for 10.00 plus 4.95 shipping.

Makes for great additions to packages when gift giving.

Choose from: Snowmen, Pears, Angels, Sheep, or Flowers
Primitive Sheep Hang Tags
Sheep Hangtags
Folk Art Hang Tags
Sheep Hang Tags
Primitive Sheep Hang Tags
You get 10 Primitive Sheep Hang Tags
for only 10.00 and this includeds
Bunches of snowmen
My snowmen tags
These are my snowmen hang tags.  As
with all the other tags, they are each
unique.  All hand painted, I do not use

You get 10 Primitive Snowmen  Hang
Tags for only 10.00 and this includeds
Snowmen hang tags for packages
Snowmen hang tags.
Primitive floral hangtag.
Primitive Hang Tags
Primitive floral hang tags.  As with all the other tags, they are
each unique.  All hand painted, I do not use stencils.  The
words, "The Mustard Tin" was a request from a csutomer,
who wanted their tags personalized to their shop.

You get 10 Primitive floral hangtags for only 10.00 and this
includeds shipping.
Flower Hang Tag
Primitive Flower hang tags.  As with all
the other tags, they are each unique.  All
hand painted, I do not use stencils.

You get 10 Primitive Flower hangtags for
only 10.00 and this includeds shipping.
Valentine's Day Hang Tag.
I only had one sample of my Valentine's Day hang tag.  I add
sprinkles of sparkles to all the Valentine's day tags, but I admit, I
overdid it on this one, so yours won't have this much.  I like the
words to show up more.

You get 10 Primitive Valentine's Day Hang Tags for only 10.00 and
this includeds shipping.
Each set of hangtags will be different from the ones shown here on this page, as I hand paint each hang tag myself.  So they are all
different, no two alike! The back of the hang tags are blank, so you can personalize your own tags for gift giving or craft projects.

Will be adding more as I paint!
Found the primative coffee stained-vanilla scented grubbie hang tags craft idea in our own message board.  I have tried it and it works
great!  Looks so cute and adds a new deminsion to the look of our candles.  Yes, it adds more work too..........but fun work. A creative
and artistic release.

A recipe for grubby hang tabs.  It works great.  When I do it, I don't strickly adhere to this recipe. More like dump and dunk, but for those
sticklers among goes......
2 cups of hot water
1/4 cup instant coffee (dry)
1/4 cup instant tea (dry)
3 Tablespoons imitation vanilla

Mix together.  Soak tags in coffee mixture for 10-15 mins.  Lay on cookie sheet lined with paper towels.  Bake at 200 for about 15 mins.  
Sprinkled  lightly with real cinnamon before baking.  You can stamp on them or write on them. A really cool look is old time pictures
applied with decoupage.This is how they get that great stained muslin for primitive dolls, too. Sprinkle the wet muslin with cinnamon and
rub for a great grubby look.  Air dried the fabric.  Air dry the fabric, don't put it in your dryer.
When I made them at home, it was one thing, but when I made them at work, I varied the recipe a little. I only used the dried coffee and
water.  Lots of instant coffee!  I dunked the tags once, then let dry, then dunked again.  That was it.

Mine did not curl and I didn't bake them.  Of course I didn't add the vanilla or sprinkle with cinnamon, but we did add nice creative writing
on them and dotted little craft heart on them.   The heart is easy to do.  Take a inside of an ink pen, dip it liberally in acrylic paint, make
two fat, plump dots side by side, barely touching.  Experiement on plain paper to see what you like best.

Now take the end of the pen - lightly and quickly drag at the painted circles right in the middle of the two circles. This creates the pointy
part of the heart.

You could decoupage vintage pictures on the tags too!  Once you have them stained the sky is the limit on decorating ideas!  Painting on
the hangtags with acrylic paints is very nice, if you are crafty this way.

The tags looked so good, we started adding them to our candles and scented bears.

Check out our Candle Trivia and Fun Facts. Cool Beans!


This is a craft recipe you will love.

These are the coolest primitive snowballs and icicles for your Christmas gift giving pleasure.

Make old fashion Vintage looking Winter icicles, snowballs, and snowflakes for Christmas or Winter Weddings.

These make the greatest center pieces for a feasting table.
They are fast, fun, and best of all - easy.  Get the children ready to have a great afternoon with mom in the kitchen.  Maybe you can even
make a little extra money at the next craft show.

These creative primitive grungy crafts look great as decorations in your country decor.  Try putting snowballs in  baskets, destressed
primitive painted  boxes, old enamelware pans, old wooden bowls.  Add a sprig or two of Christmas green, pinecones, a few red berries
dried, or use your imagination and see what you can come up with.

You will be able to enjoy these Snowballs all winter long.  So will your family and friends.

Just think, from November to February, you winter wonderland home will be toasty warm, with a winter festive feel, welcoming visitors

They easily store out of the road by just wrapping and placing in the box with the other Christmas ornaments.

I have no idea when my mother first discovered the recipe for making primitive snowballs, but I assure you she was not the creator.  My
mother loved to find new crafts for us to do every year at Christmas and this was my favorite. I loved those times with my family, the
1950's and 60's.  Moms were mom and dads were dads.  

I hope you will find this recipe will bring hours or joy with your family, as it did with mine.

You can make them big or small, what ever size you like.  You can color these Victorian Winter White or make the Primitive, Dirty,
Grungy Snowballs.
You can make them unscented or add a little scent, the choice is yours.

I love to add Prim glitter to mine.  Give them more of a festive feel and looks great in a big wooden bowl on a white table cloth.

These are very inexpensive to make and so easy, even your children need very little supervision.  Now if you are a perfectionist, making
these to sell at a craft show, you may want to leave the children to their own side of the table.

Ok, here we go
RECIPE For The Vintage Victorian White CHRISTMAS SNOWBALLS

Don't you just love a Vintage Christmas.  The Victorian look and feel of Old Time Christmas.

You will need the following.

Start with a pack of Styrofoam balls found at any craft store or craft section.  Any size will do.
You can make icicles and snowflakes from the same recipe, but instead of Styrofoam balls use the cheap plastic icicles or cheap plastic
snowflakes.  Now, when making the snowflakes, use a sponge brush to dab on the joint compound.

You will find white joint compound and any hardware store, Lowes, Andersons, ect.  (my mother used drywall mix, but times have
changed and I don't think this needs to be that difficult  nowadays)

Diamond Dust or Glitter Glass found at any craft shop or on line.

Grunging supplies
Candle scent - we have a very nice selection.
Real Nutmeg

Make sure your bowl of glitter is ready, just set aside.

Acrylic craft paint and water based stain, but don't be afraid to experiment.  I like to use the brown, oakwood stain by Deco Arts.  That's
my liking.

Mix the following together:

1 - Joint compound
2 - Candle scent, if you want your snowballs scented, the strength is your choice, but don't over use or your snowballs will be greasy,
3 - A few drops of the colored stain or acrylic paint - the color choice is yours, winter blues, snowy whites, grungy off white or down
right grungy primitive.
4 - For flecks that look like dirt, add cinnamon or nutmeg to the snowball mixture.

Start rolling the Styrofoam balls in the joint compound.  Be generous with the mixture.  Roll it alot for a nice even coating..

Drop in the bowl of glitter glass, you sat aside. (my personal favorite)  Make sure you coat the snowball evenly all around.  Pick it up, easy
now, and gently shake off any loose glitter.

Use a pizza pan lined with wax paper, the old fashion kind, that your mom would have used and place your finished snowball on the
paper.  They have to dry for 2 or 3 days. That is the minimal drying time, but it might take longer in wet, damp weather.  The snowballs
have to be turned twice a day, like a mother bird turns her  Don't turn them evenly.

There you have it, another creative craft creation straight out of our past to you. Enjoy this with your children, they will love it.

Packaging, you can't be concerned enough about how your crafts are packaged.  It is what sells your product.  Proctor and Gamble,
Coke, Perfume Companies, they don't spend billions for packaging just because.  After all, you can sell a rock, if you have the right
packaging.  Old enough to remember the pet rock????????  Or the pet Tumbleweed????

Different size snowballs look best in a cello bag, a grungy primitive hang tag, and a nice primitive homespun ribbon, but you may find a
better way.  Experiment, you can always do better then me.

Add a some green, maybe a pine sprig, maybe twine, seems burlap will look nice for use with the primitive dirty snowball. or how about
ripped material.  You can get those bags from the grocery store that are paper with the see through plastic window in the front.

Those make a great for display at you craft show and are prefect for gift giving. I likt to see an old blue masion jar filled with a mixture of
rag balls and snowballs of different sizes.

Kids love making snowballs, and best of all for kids, they look better when not perfect.

Add a vintage postcard strung on a ribbon, add vintage jewelry strung on a ribbon, or how about little wooden toys, anything that is old
and primitive looking..

You can have a truly primitive grungy Christmas gift that anyone would love.  You could even make a lamp with the old blue mason jar.

Make Christmas Ornaments with ribbons, twine, homespun material strips with the icicles or snowflakes. Put a hook in the snowball when
it is still wet and it will dry solid.  You can hang them on a Christmas Tree this way.

I like making my own hooks from old rusty pieces of wire.  You can buy rusty items at craft shops, little rusty bob-wire looks really cool
and could be utilized.

Good Luck.
As you can see, everyone's art work is different, unique, gorgeous little paintings.  There is no need to copy others work,
but, on the other hand, why do the work at all when you can buy!

Hangtags make wonderful additions to any birthday present, wedding shower favors, or any gift giving occasion.

Windswept's Wool N Craft Creations is the online Ebay shop which offers these delightful artistic hanging tags with
striking details..

Each design is hand painted, except the horses, they are stamped then painted.

Their email is Just add Hang Tags in the subject line.

As you can see, everyone's art work is different, unique, gorgeous little paintings.  There is no need to copy others work,
but, on the other hand, why do the work at all when you can buy!

Hangtags make wonderful additions to any birthday present, wedding shower favors, or any gift giving occasion.

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