Embossed Crows, Smiley Faces, Mason Jars

Susie Bell's Air Freshener
Made by hand from scratch, paper cuts can take up to 3 weeks to ship.
Email: starlina@bright.net

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Hearts, Ovals, Flip Flops, Stars and Circles .
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Butterflies, Angels, Pink/Yellow Ribbons.
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Gingerbread Men, Snowflakes, Snowmen, Bears, Doves and Maple
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Texas, Cowboy Boots, Horse, Leafs, Pumpkins.
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Create Your Own Packages, Buy In Bulk, and Bags.
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Acorn, Cross, Dog Bone, Palm Tree, Tee Shirt.
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Instructions for making your own air freshener.
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     Here you can purchase resealable bags, regular bags, and you
can mix and match to create your own package.

No Returns. Blanks are made and cut per order.
Warning - Darker fragrance scents will discolor paper blanks.  Test one
blank before use.

Customer should purchase small quantities to ensure product meets
their specifications.  We do not accept returns for any reason with air
fresheners, they are made to order.  It is advisable to order one (1)
first to try out.

Unless you ask for solid paper, all paper blanks will have absorbent
soft white middles.

Cut and paste email starlina@bright.net
The Embossed Crow/Weeping Willow comes in Kraft and Mustard colors

The embossed shapes (like the smiley face) are embossed AFTER they are
completed.  They go into a printing press that is set up with a "plate" that
crash imprints the image onto the shape.  There is no lamination process
with the embossed blank. Although no ink is used for the embossing process,
the image appears as a darker shade of the background color once the
blank is scented with the FO.  The oil collects in the crashed area due to
osmosis.  In the instance of a Kraft blank, the image would appear as a dark

Do not keep adding oil/fragrances, it takes about an hour for the
scent/oil/fragrance to seep into the image.

3" high by 2 1/8" wide

Smooth finish with white absorbent soft middle. Good scent absorbency

Same thickness as a quarter.
100 Smiley Faces - Choose your own colors
ut and paste email: starlina@bright.net


Picture coming soon.

Smooth finish with white absorbent soft middle. Good scent absorbency

Same thickness as a quarter.
100 Mason Jars - Comes in Kraft and Mustard colors

Smooth finish with white absorbent soft middle. Good scent absorbency

Same thickness as a quarter.

Cut and paste email - starlina@bright.net
Color samples shown: Blue, Purple, Violet,
Powder Blue
Color samples shown: Kraft Brown, Mustard, Vanilla, and

Kraft and Mustard are a shade lighter than the picture
Color samples shown: Yellow, Orange
Color samples shown: Colors shown Red,
Pink, Pastel Pink
Color samples shown: Green, Aqua, Moss
Photo of soft white absorbent middle of air
freshener blanks. Hold more scent than originals.
We can make a blank with a different color on
each side.  5.00 extra per 100  Send an email
requesting change and an invoice will be sent
through PayPal
*****We do not ship out of the U.S.  We do have Canadian customers with U.S. Post office boxes.  
If you are outside the U.S. arrangements can be made to contact Susie directly.  She will ship to certain
countries outside the U.S.