Pure Bee Wax made from bees!
Homemade bees wax.
Making candles from bees wax.
Starla's All Natural Beewaxes
Bees Wax - Made by bees.  Natural.  Organic.

Once again the bees did not cooperate in making enough bees wax to sell.
His bees just didn't produce as they should. He is hoping for a better season in 2009.
Because of this we do not have beeswax forsale this year, I am hoping we will have wax in 2009.
Baby one ounces of Beeswax
Bee wax.
Pure Bee Wax in 1lb. blocks.
Individually packaged in 1 lb bags.  This
golden coloring is so inviting, don't you
think?  The pure and organic bee wax is
what many customers have ask us for, so
here it is.

Bee wax candles, when made correctly, do
not smoke, give off a bright flame, and
have a very fragrant honey aroma when
Beeswax can be stored for a long, long
time as it is almost indestructible, other
animals don't like to eat bees wax and it
doesn't mold or disintegrate.

Other uses for bee wax are lotions, cold
creams, lipsticks, rouges, waterproofing,  
floor and furniture polishes, leather
polishes, arts and crafts items, adhesives,
crayons, inks, and ski wax.  Beewax is also
used in grafting for horticultural purposes.
Pure Bee Wax in 1lb. blocks.
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Bee wax.
Natural Bee's Wax
Unbleached and Technically pure!

This is an all natural bee wax avalible at wholesale and retail. This makes a
really nice burning candle, the old fashion way.

A little old bee keeper came into our store today and ask if we wanted to
sell his bee wax.  I looked at the quality of this wax and said yes, with no
hesitation.  This bee wax is a golden yellow and is the cleanest beeswax I
have ever seen.  What a find! Can you believe he makes this himself? This
is an all natural bee wax for the purest of candles.  Now you can make a
handmade bee wax candle for yourself, at a great price.

Making a bee wax candle supplys is the all natural way for a candle to be
This is what he told me - it's naturally fragrant, clean-burning for those
sensitive to allergens, and virtually dripless.  Great for candle making.  
Although I have never used beeswax, I have always wanted to, but the
price keep me away.  This bee wax was a bargain and we are going to pass
the bargain on to you.

Free shipping only good for beeswax.  Does not apply outside the
continental U.S.  Does not include Alaska or Hawaii. Shipping charges will
be applied to other items purchased
We thought you might like to try the bee keepers honey.
Yes, yes, I know -  we are mainly candle supplies, but you just have to share good
products with everyone from time to time.

Besides, if you are doing gift baskets, what a great idea!  Wax dipped scented bears,
little cubes of beeswax, a candle or two, maybe a tart, and a jar of pure raw honey!
Bears, honey, and beeswax all go together and looks great.  Just plain cute.

This is PURE RAW HONEY, made right here in Ohio, by a family operation.   They
have been around for years.  I swear, if they are not home, you drive up to the farm,
open the refridgerator, make your selection, and leave the money in a slot.  We get
our bee wax from them.

It has been strained from bee byproducts. It was not filtered and never warmed above
120 degrees F.  Raw honey may crystallize if not kept a constant low temperature,
but is not harmed by crystallization, but may be made liquid again by setting open jar
in hot tap water.

Want something delicious? Blend equal parts of honey with softened butter.
One quart - 45 ounces of pure raw honey.  Jar weighs 3.12 lbs.
Shipping on one jar is 7.00

There is only a few hundred pounds of beeswax left this year due to the weather
conditions.  Bees need the sun to want to build honeycombs and we haven't had a lot
of sunny days this year. With out the honey combs, you can't have honey.  We will
offer the honey as soon as the bees permit!
Baby one ounces of Beeswax