Susie Bell's house caught fire and they lost just about everything.

They managed to save the dogs, but lost all the cats and her dear Clara, a rescue chicken. 

This means that she is temporarily out of business as she has  no place to make paper. 

I will keep you updated.

We have some in stock air fresheners left.

Update 3-1-2014  Per The
This has been a difficult winter for lots of folks. Anton neighbors David and Susie Bell lost their home to fire last week. While things are still unsettled, their dogs are at Tender Care Veterinary Clinic, which is accepting donations on their behalf for personal and pet needs. If you wish to share donations of dog food, personal items, shopping cards or cash to help them get back on their feet, please contact the clinic.  David and Susie visit their dogs daily. Although escaping the fire physically unharmed, they still need our support and prayers for such a life-changing event.
Tender Care Veterinary is on Facebook
Phone (270) 824-1002

In Stock
In Stock Snowflakes
Above Button is for Snowflakes. 
Cream, white, blue, green, yellow, pink, and violet
In Stock
Pic shows finished product. You are buying unfinished product.
Above Button
Snowmen, Doves, Gingerbread Men, and Bears
In Stock
Snowman paper blank cut.
Gingerbread paper cuts.
Julie air fresheners
Unscented Air Freshener Blanks
Country Primitive Auto, Car, or Room Air Fresheners
Use your own scents, these come unscented for your own crafting use.

This page - Gingerbread, Snowman, Snowflakes, Bears, Doves, Maple Leaves, Texas, Boots

Page 1.  Hearts, Ovals, Flip Flops, Stars and Circles
Page 2. Butterflies, Angels, Pink / Yellow Ribbons .
Page 4. Texas, Cowboy Boots, Horse, Leafs, Pumpkins.
Page 5. Mason Jars, Embossed Crow/Weeping Willow, Smiley Faces, Paper Sheets.
Page 7. NEW - Acorn, Cross, Dog Bone, Palm Tree, Tee Shirt.
INSTRUCTIONS - Helpful tips and tricks. 
Home page for what's in stock
Create Your Own Packages.
Phone number on
Home Page.
No Returns on Air freshener blanks, because they are cut to order.
Available In A Variety of Different Looks and Colors

  Try regular hearts for engagement parites, and gingerbread men make nice Christmas favors.
Try Butterflies in Assorted Pastels for weddings.
Doves in Ivory Colors - Also used as Wedding Favors.    
Brown primitive bears in your country store, near the cash register ,as an impulse purchase.

Pastel Blues or Pinks for Baby Shower and Birth Announcements, scent these in baby powder or spring rain!


This is handmade paper and take about a week to make and another week to dry before it can be cut.  So expect about 3 WEEKS before we ship. Longer during Christmas.
Bags are available on the Create Your Own Package Page

There you can purchase resealable bags, regurlar bags, and you can mix and match air freshener blanks to create your own hundred or fifty air freshener assortment.

One of my favorites, the handcut snowman air freshener blank is adorable.  I prefer the snowman colors in kraft and ivory.  The plain white is a little to stark for my taste, but my taste tend to run toward the primitives.

But since everyone likes something different, you may want a variety of colors.  Perhaps you like your snowmen in blues.  You decide -:) Yea!

Warning - Fragrance scents may discolor  air freshener blanks.  White will discolor to a more yellow color.

Available in the following colors only:  100 Kraft Snowman, 100 Ivory Snowman, 100 White Snowmen, 100 Winter Blue Snowmen or 100 of these colors in assortment
Snowman paper blank cut.
100 Your choice of color - Snowmen Blanks
Don't forget to email with your color choices. Kraft, Ivory, White, Winter Blue, Kraft, or Dark Kraft
New Snowflake
100 New Fashion Snowflakes  Blanks
Don't forget to email with your color choices. Kraft, Ivory, White, Winter Blue, Kraft, or Dark Kraft.   Approximately 4 1/2" long
About a nickle's side thick.
Snowflake paper
Snowbootie paper
Santa Stocking paper
Snow boot and new snowflake pictured together.
Not quite 5" long as you can see from the ruler underneath the bootie. 
About a nickle's side thick.
100 Santa Bootie Blanks
Don't forget to email with your color choices. Kraft, Ivory, White, Winter Blue, Kraft, or Dark Kraft
Kraft Colored Brown Paper Gingerbread Men for making your own car or room de-odorizers or car airfresheners. Brown country paper gives a primitive look to your car airfreshener.   3" wide by 4" high

Available in any color you like, just let us know:
Gingerbread paper cuts.
Here, I took the gingerbread blank from above and let a friend's daughter create a Christmas Ornament.  I think she did an excellent job!  Puffy paint and real cinnmonn sprinkles were used.

This is an unscented craft.  A little imagination and some expert crafting, you would have a wonderful ornament for the next craft sale. 

Also, teachers...this would make an excellent craft for you students to give to their parents.
Warning - Fragrance scents may discolor  air freshener blanks. 
White will discolor to a more yellow color.  Kraft may darken some.
country bear air freshner
Brown bear paper cut out
The bears are a very good seller.  Perfect for the baby shower gift.  Bears are 3" wide by 3 3/4" high. 
Warning - Some scents may discolor papers.
Available in the following colors -
Baby Boy Blue
Baby Girl Pink
Honeysuckle Yellow (not shown here)
Kraft Brown
Please send an email to and let us know what color you want.
Dove Air Fresheners
Unscented dove blank paper
100 Dove cut shapes are very nice for wedding or baby showers.  Great for all occasions.
3 7/8" wide by 4 1/8" high

Available only in White, Ivory and Kraft Colors
Please send an email to and let us know what color you want.
ALSO, if you are using these for weddings and don't want the punch holes, please let us know when you order.  We can't take the holes out!

Don't forget to email with your color selection
Now, for our disclaimer......Just because we can make money selling these finished products, doesn't mean that everyone can.  Some people just can't seem to accomplish even the simplest of task.  You need common sense and a little "get up and go". If you can't manage to do what we can, please don't complain to us.  We have plenty of customer who can.

*****We do not ship out of the U.S.  We do have Canadian customers with U.S. post office boxes.  If you are outside the U.S. arrangments can be made to contact Susie directly as she will ship to some countries outside the U.S.
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