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  Lisa's Buy In Bulk Candles
    Lisa's Retail Candles
Lisa's Retail Christmas Tarts.
Bulk Buy Christmas Candle Tarts
Lisa's Buy In Bulk Christmas Tarts.
Retail Candles
Christmas includes:
Snowmen, Pinecones, Gingerbread Men, Christmas Tarts, Primitive Sheep, Snowmen Faces, Iron Stars, and Snowballs.
Lisa's Retail Cake N' Candles.
Lisa's Buy In Bulk Cookies Tarts.
Lisa's Retail Caked Candle
Lisa's Bulk Buy Cookies
Cookies include Peanut Blossom Cookie Tarts and all other  Cookies.
Lisa's Room Scenters.
Scented Room Sprays
Lisa's Buy In Bulk Bread and Muffin Tarts.
Buy In Bulk Breads and Muffins
Lisa's Retail Fall Tarts.
Retail Scented Fall Leaves Tarts
Lisa's Buy In Bulk Mini Cinnamon Buns.
Buy In Bulk Cinnamon Buns
Fall includes Fall Leaves, Pumpkin Faces, Primitive Pumpkin Tarts, and Pumpkin Rolls
Lisa's Bulk Buys - Brittles, Ducks,
and Sliced Bananas
Lisa's Mason Jars and other containers.
Brittles, ducks, and sliced bananas
Mason Jar candles with rusty lids